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All PDH courses have been accepted by all State Boards of Engineers Nationwide since 2002.

Engineering Professional Development Hours (PDH) courses for PE Professional Engineers are provided, fast, easy, and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is engineering continuing education?

Engineering continuing education are the courses or activities that professional engineers must take or engage in before renewing their PE license. Continuing education can be completed in a variety of ways. Continuing education can range from taking online courses, attending webinars or seminars, attending a university semester course, or even working on or applying for a patent.

What is a PDH?

PDH stands for Professional Development Hour. PDH can be obtained in a variety of ways. The minimum duration of a PDH or professional development hour is 50 minutes. PDH can be obtained by attending an engineering seminar for one hour. PDH can also be obtained by taking online courses, attending an engineering webinar, and taking engineering-related college courses.

PDH Courses
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What is a PDH course for engineers?

Any technical, scientific, or engineering subject that can improve and expand the knowledge of an engineer in his field would qualify as a PDH course. A PDH course should also serve to safeguard the Health, Safety and Welfare of the citizens. The Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) requirements of the citizens are known as the HSW requirements for the engineering PDH courses.

When does the PE license expire?

PE professional engineer license expiration varies in different States. Depending on the State PE engineers need to renew their PE license annually, biennially or in some states like New York, every three years. PE engineers need to complete their continuing education requirements before paying for and renewing their PE license.

How many PDH credits is required to renew a PE license?

That depends on the state that the PE engineer is registered in. It can vary from 15 PDH per year for some States that require annual renewal to 36 PDH for some States that need renewal every three years.

Why do we need a PDH certificate?

A PDH certificate shows that you have passed the professional development hour (PDH) course that you took with a score of 70 percent or better. The certificate must show your name, the title of the course you took and the date. You will keep the PDH certificate for your record, should you get audited by the State Board for your continuing education requirements.

Is there a difference between a PDH and CEU?

PDH stands for Professional Development Hour of a learning activity. The minimum duration of a PDH is 50 minutes. CEU stands for continuing education units and the duration of that is 10 hours of learning activity.

Is there a difference between PDH and CE?

No, there is no difference between the PDH and CE. PDH stands for Professional Development Hour. CE stands for Continuing Education. Some states call their continuing education learning hours either PDH or CE.

Are there other names or abbreviations for the continuing education beside PDH?

Yes, Other terms include Continuing Education Unit (CEU), Continuing Education Program (CEP), and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). They all have the same meaning..

What are online PDH courses?

Online PDH courses are the courses you take to complete your professional development hour requirements to renew your PE professional engineering license.

What is engineering PDH?

Engineering PDH is referred to professional development hour courses or activities that you take to complete your engineering continuing education requirements mandated by your state board of engineers.

Why do professional engineers choose DiscountPDH for their continuing education requirements?

Regarding Engineering continuing education, most engineers choose us. We are the only professional development hour PDH engineering course provider that covers it all. We offer our engineering continuing education in a variety of formats. We have created more ways to satisfy engineering companies and professional engineers to meet their PDH requirements. We offer corporate accounts for engineering companies who have a lot of PE professional engineers. We also offer individual accounts for professional engineers. We offer online PDH courses in all disciplines of engineering. We offer PDH courses for civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and environmental engineers. We offer PDH courses in specific fields. We offer PDH courses in HVAC, Green building, safety and failure analysis, and oil and gas industry. We offer state-specific PDH courses. We offer PDH courses in advanced building code, ethics, rules, and law for the PE engineers in the state of Florida. We offer Timed PDH courses for Ohio PE engineers according to their state's PDH requirements. Our PDH courses are so comprehensive that licensed professionals from other technical fields take our courses. We offer a large selection of PDH courses in land surveying, construction, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and geology. We are the only engineering continuing education course provider that provides CD and DVD in PDH courses. We provide live and on demand PDH webinars for PE engineers. We give annual live PDH seminars in Houston, Arlington, and San Antonio for PE engineers to renew their PE license. We provide over 6000 hours of PDH continuing education courses and lectures for PE engineers. Our PDH courses meet the highest standards set by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). Our company and our PDH courses have been pre-approved by all the state boards of engineers that require pre-approval in the US. Our PDH courses have been accepted by all the state boards of engineers that do not require pre-approval. Our website is easy to follow and fast. Our PDH courses are high quality and very affordable for PE engineers. We pride ourselves on being the leader in the PDH industry. Our PDH courses have been accepted by the following States. PE Engineers in the following states can take our PDH courses and renew their PE license with confidence. Alabama (AL), Alaska (AK), Arkansas (AR), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Illinois (IL) Idaho ( ID), Iowa (IA), Indiana ( IN), Kentucky (KY), Kansas (KS), Louisiana (LA), Maryland (MD) Michigan (MI), Main (ME), Minnesota (MN), Mississippi (MS), Montana (MT), Missouri (MS), Nebraska (NE), New Hampshire (NH), New Jersey (NJ), Nevada (NV), New Mexico (NM), North Carolina (NC), Virginia (VA), West Virginia ( WV), Wyoming (WY), Texas (TX), Wisconsin (WI), Utah (UT), Vermont (VT), Tennessee (TN), South Dakota (SD), South Carolina (SC), Pennsylvania (PA), North Dakota (ND), Ohio (OH), Oregon (OR), Oklahoma (OK), Pennsylvania (PA), North Dakota (ND).

Our PDH courses satisfy the engineering continuing education requirements nationwide.

PDH Courses in Land Surveying Sciences

DiscountPDH has the most comprehensive PDH courses in Land Surveying Sciences.

PDH Courses in land surveying
PDH Engineering

Affordable PDH Courses

DiscountPDH.com is one of the oldest and most popular, credible and trusted online Engineering Continuing Education provider. We offer PDH courses for Professional Engineers.

All Courses are written by Licensed PE Professional Engineers and Scientists. Course materials are prepared under all State Boards licensing rules and requirements. Majority of the courses are developed by us. That is the reason we can keep the cost down and pass on the savings to you.

We started providing PDH engineering continuing education in 2002 in the form of CD and DVD. At the same time, we also offered live PDH seminars for PE Professional Engineers in Texas, Louisiana, New York and a few other States.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We provide a 100% money back guarantee if your Board does not approve any of our courses for any reason.

Our PDH courses are designed to satisfy PDH continuing education requirements mandated by different State Boards of Engineers.

Engineering Continuing Education

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Our PDH Courses are hassle free. You can take the course quiz for an unlimited number of times until you pass.

We grade your PDH quizzes before you even pay! You can print your PDH certificate instantly after payment. This will help those PE engineers who need to buy their Online PDH Courses at the last minute for their PE license renewal.

Your certificates are always saved in your account and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Why wait? Thousands of professionals signed up and completed their license renewal quickly and efficiently.

Our online PDH courses for engineers follow the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Guidelines and all State Boards of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. Our courses have been accepted by all the State Board of Engineers Nationwide and all the States that need pre-approval for providing online PDH courses, live PDH webinars, and live PDH seminars to Professional Engineers to meet their PDH continuing education requirement.

Once you have signed up, all the courses, and certificates will be conveniently ready at your fingertips!

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