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Continuing EducationPDH Courses in Geology

The following online PDH continuing education courses help the Geologists meet their continuing education requirements to renew their Geoscience Professional license to practice as a PG Professional Geoscientist.

Geologist Continuing Education PDH Courses

DiscountPDH offers online PDH courses for PG Professional Geoscientists. We also offer PDH webinars and live seminars in continuing education courses for PG Professional Geoscientists to renew their PG license. All of the online PDH courses for PG Professional Geoscientists are technical in nature and satisfy the PDH requirements of the Geology State Boards.

Our PDH courses in Geology serve to safeguard Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) of the citizens.

PDH courses for Geologists

ID Course Name PDH Price
OL629Excavation CollapseNew PDH Course - Excavation Collapse 3$45.00
OL621A Brief Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceNew PDH Course - A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 1$15.00
OL572Construction Project Management PDH Course - Construction Project Management 15$180.00
OL568Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan PDH Course - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

OL546Curing Concrete PDH Course - Curing Concrete 4$60.00
OL560Computing Stormwater Runoff Rates and Volumes PDH Course - Computing Stormwater Runoff Rates and Volumes

OL510Drainage Design Criteria PDH Course - Drainage Design Criteria 11$99.00
OL571Practice of Low Impact Development PDH Course - Practice of Low Impact Development 8$96.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost PDH Course - Impact of Rework in Construction Cost 2$18.00
OL512Construction of a Complete Rain Garden PDH Course - Construction of a Complete Rain Garden 5$45.00
OL511Evaluation of Urban Soils PDH Course - Evaluation of Urban Soils 3$36.00
OL561OSHA-Controlling Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) PDH Course - OSHA-Controlling Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees PDH Course - One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees 2$24.00
OL383Basics of Soil Mechanics PDH Course - Basics of Soil Mechanics 2$30.00
OL439How To Build A Rain Garden PDH Course - How To Build A Rain Garden 3$36.00
OL393How to Improve Soft Ground PDH Course - How to Improve Soft Ground 5$75.00
OL582Leadership Skills for Advancing Engineers PDH Course - Leadership Skills for Advancing Engineers 1$15.00
OL586Natural Site Design Preservation and Protection PDH Course - Natural Site Design Preservation and Protection 8$120.00
OL566OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety PDH Course - OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety

OL497Accident - Deepwater Horizon Volume I and II PDH Course - Accident - Deepwater Horizon Volume I and II 15$225.00
OL331Personal Protective Equipment PDH Course - Personal Protective Equipment 4$48.00
OL486Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Carbon Dioxide in the European Energy System PDH Course - Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Carbon Dioxide in the European Energy System 14$168.00

OL621A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence1$15.00
OL514A Framework for Analyzing the Hydrologic Condition of Watersheds5$45.00
OL255A Guide for City Water2$24.00
OL392A Guide to OSHA Excavations Standard6$90.00
OL482Accident - 7 Key Lessons to Prevent Worker Death During Hot Work in and Around Tanks2$30.00
OL495Accident - BP-Texas City Refinery Explosion and Fire31$372.00
OL497Accident - Deepwater Horizon Volume I and II15$225.00
OL488Accident - Fireworks Disposal Explosion11$165.00
OL494Accident - Imperial Sugar Dust Explosion and Fire12$180.00
OL496Accident - West Texas Fertilizer Company Fire and Explosion34$349.00
OL490Accident Case - Caribbean Petroleum Tank Explosion and Fire14$210.00
OL489Accident Case - Chemical Manufacturing Incident10$90.00
OL493Accident Case - DuPont Methyl Chloride Release23$345.00
OL375Accident Investigation2$24.00
OL210America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry3$36.00
OL107API - Commission Publications Explains How Oil Market Works2$24.00
OL383Basics of Soil Mechanics2$30.00
OL211Biomass Oil Analysis17$204.00
OL387BP Gas Fracking2$24.00
OL14Causes of Distress and Deterioration in Concrete5$45.00
OL481Climate Change and Evolved Pavements25$299.00
OL166Coastal Geological Investigations10$90.00
OL560Computing Stormwater Runoff Rates and Volumes 4$36.00
OL587Concrete Construction12$180.00
OL113Construction Considerations for Low Density Concrete1$9.00
OL512Construction of a Complete Rain Garden5$45.00
OL346Construction of Underground Tunnels3$45.00
OL572Construction Project Management15$180.00
OL312Crude Oil Markets5$60.00
OL546Curing Concrete4$60.00
OL114Dam Owners- Impact of Plants on Earthen Dams10$120.00
OL428Desalination for Safe Water Supply22$264.00
OL504Design and Construction of Tunnels39$349.00
OL510Drainage Design Criteria11$99.00
OL119Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal9$81.00
OL319Energy Resource Potential of Methane Hydrate3$36.00
OL399Engineering Assessment of Algae Biofuel Production25$299.00
OL337Engineering Design - Precipitation, Coagulation, Flocculation14$126.00
OL486Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Carbon Dioxide in the European Energy System14$168.00
OL361Environmental Design for Small Boat Basins5$45.00
OL28Estimating Well Cost for Enhanced Geo System Applications7$84.00
OL511Evaluation of Urban Soils3$36.00
OL629Excavation Collapse3$45.00
OL123Federal Guide for Dam Safety 3$36.00
OL31Foundation in Expansive Soils10$90.00
OL124General Design and Construction of Earth and Rock-Fill Dams12$108.00
OL33Geo Buried Treasure2$30.00
OL309Green Building - Greening Federal Facilities20$300.00
OL213Green Building - LEED, Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings19$285.00
OL212Green Building Guidelines, New Home Construction6$90.00
OL35Green Building Rating Systems for Existing Buildings15$225.00
OL34Green Building Rating Systems for New Construction and Major Renovations10$150.00
OL214Green Building, LEED 2009 for New Constructions and Major Renovations12$180.00
OL215Green Building; Sustainable Buildings6$90.00
OL216Green Remediation - Incorporating Sustainable Environmental Practices into Remediation of Contaminated Sites 8$120.00
OL447Guidance for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites27$324.00
OL254Guidance on Risk Analysis and Safety Implications of a Large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spill Over Water20$300.00
OL518Guide to Long-Span Concrete Floors6$90.00
OL256Guidelines for Surface Water Drainage Plan for a Municipal Solid Waste Facility2$30.00
OL311Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale- Environmental Impact30$349.00
OL36Heavy Load on Concrete Slabs4$36.00
OL87History of Coastal Engineering4$60.00
OL48How Chemicals Move from the Water into Fish and Other Aquatic Organisms7$105.00
OL44How to Build a Radon Resistant Home8$120.00
OL439How To Build A Rain Garden3$36.00
OL563How to Concrete in Cold and Hot Weather 1$15.00
OL569How to Counter Bridge Scour and Stream Instability 22$264.00
OL573How to Cure Portland Cement21$189.00
OL393How to Improve Soft Ground5$75.00
OL365How to Pick a Residential Lot or Building Site in Coastal Areas20$240.00
OL51How to Protect Coastal Shorelines6$54.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost2$18.00
OL564Introduction to Paint and Coating 1$15.00
OL582Leadership Skills for Advancing Engineers1$15.00
OL342Management Guidelines for Working with Radioactive and Mixed Waste20$180.00
OL356Managing Solid Waste & Emergency Response3$36.00
OL565Minor Road Damage Repair 3$45.00
OL269Natural Gas Unlocking the Low Carbon Future8$120.00
OL59Natural Resources Forest Management3$27.00
OL60Natural Resources Land Management17$153.00
OL586Natural Site Design Preservation and Protection8$120.00
OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees2$24.00
OL566OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety 1$15.00
OL561OSHA-Controlling Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) 5$45.00
OL194Overview of Gulf of Mexico OCS Oil and Gas Pipelines2$18.00
OL331Personal Protective Equipment4$48.00
OL571Practice of Low Impact Development8$96.00
OL220Proposed Gulf of Mexico OCS (Outer Continental shelf) Oil and Gas Lease Sale 20712$108.00
OL479Quality Control Quality Assurance Manual for Asphalt Concrete Production and Placement10$150.00
OL467Quality Control Quality Manual for Hot Mix Asphalt10$150.00
OL381Quality of Highway Runoff Water in Austin, Texas Area5$60.00
OL95Recommended Practice for the Design of Residential Foundations3$27.00
OL174Rigs-to-Reefs Policy, Progress and Perspective1$9.00
OL173Rock Foundations12$108.00
OL567Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement 1$15.00
OL71Soil and Geology Procedure for Foundation Design20$180.00
OL72Soil Stabilizations for Pavements6$54.00
OL97Stability Analysis of Concrete Structures15$135.00
OL570Storm Management Handbook 12$180.00
OL568Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 6$72.00
OL172Summary of Federal Regulations for Underground Storage Tank Systems4$36.00
OL150Technical Manual for Dam Owners - Impact of Animals on Earthen Dams10$90.00
OL209The Purpose for the Florida Building Code3$27.00
OL545Tractor Use, Operation and Safety3$45.00
OL76Training Marine Oil Spill Response Workers3$27.00
OL382UK Shale Fracking2$30.00
OL101Understanding Natural Gas Markets2$18.00
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