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Landscape Architects Continuing Education

The following online PDH or CE continuing education courses help the licensed landscape architects to meet their continuing education requirements to renew their landscape architect license to practice as a landscape architect. The title "landscape architect" is a regulated term. Only those individuals who have become registered as landscape architects may legally call themselves a landscape architect.

Landscape Architects Continuing Education PDH Courses

DiscountPDH offers online CE and PDH courses for licensed landscape architects to renew their PE license. All online PDH and CE courses for licensed landscape architects are technical in nature and address business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional landscape architect and serves to safeguard Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) of the citizens.

PDH Courses for Landscape Architects

IDCourse NamePDHPrice
OL527An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice New2$30.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI New1$12.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost New2$18.00
OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees New2$24.00
OL513Accident Reporting and Analysis in Forestry New7$63.00
OL512Construction of a Complete Rain Garden New5$45.00
OL511Evaluation of Urban Soils New3$36.00
OL505How to Maintain Gravel Road New20$180.00
OL472Park Design Standards Manual New6$54.00
OL449Water Use Efficiency New9$81.00
OL446Landscape Irrigation Design Manual New18$216.00
OL439How To Build A Rain Garden New3$36.00
OL397Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations New10$120.00
OL388Culverts Design New9$135.00
OL383Basics of Soil Mechanics New2$30.00
OL332Natural Resource Conservation Design New10$120.00
OL317Culvert Characteristics New2$24.00

OL255A Guide for City Water2$24.00
OL513Accident Reporting and Analysis in Forestry7$63.00
OL07ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act3$36.00
OL17ADA - Common ADA Error and Omissions in New Constructions and Alterations2$24.00
OL01ADA and City Government Common Problems + ADA Accessible Stadiums2$24.00
OL02ADA Guide for Small Business2$24.00
OL03ADA Guide for Small Towns3$36.00
OL05ADA Title III Highlights2$24.00
OL527An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice2$30.00
OL383Basics of Soil Mechanics2$30.00
OL512Construction of a Complete Rain Garden5$45.00
OL19Construction Pocket Guide1$12.00
OL317Culvert Characteristics2$24.00
OL388Culverts Design9$135.00
OL511Evaluation of Urban Soils3$36.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI1$12.00
OL397Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations10$120.00
OL49How to Avoid Electrical Hazard2$30.00
OL46How to Avoid Health Hazard in Plumbing Cross Connections6$90.00
OL45How to Avoid Lead Exposure in the Construction Industry5$75.00
OL44How to Build a Radon Resistant Home8$120.00
OL439How To Build A Rain Garden3$36.00
OL334How to Design Golf Clubhouses9$135.00
OL505How to Maintain Gravel Road20$180.00
OL50How to Make Sure the Structures Built Near the Flood Zone are Safe3$45.00
OL43How to Preserve Historic Buildings18$270.00
OL51How to Protect Coastal Shorelines6$54.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost2$18.00
OL54Landscape Design and Planning3$27.00
OL446Landscape Irrigation Design Manual18$216.00
OL261Landscape Irrigation Program6$90.00
OL58Maintenance of Waterfront Structures8$72.00
OL332Natural Resource Conservation Design10$120.00
OL60Natural Resources Land Management17$153.00
OL263On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) Rules Compilation15$135.00
OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees2$24.00
OL264Outdoor Burning3$27.00
OL262Outdoor Burning in Texas3$27.00
OL472Park Design Standards Manual6$54.00
OL70Site Planning and Design8$72.00
OL209The Purpose for the Florida Building Code3$27.00
OL75Tornado Risks, Shelter and Recommendations4$36.00
OL320Water Resource Systems2$18.00
OL78Water Supply Pumping Station2$18.00
OL449Water Use Efficiency9$81.00
OL155Wood - Adhesive Bonding3$27.00
OL156Wood - Based Composites and Panel Products3$27.00
OL157Wood - Biodetrioration2$18.00
OL158Wood - Characteristic of Commercial Wood3$27.00
OL159Wood - Commercial Lumber2$18.00
OL160Wood - Drying, Moisture and Dimensional Changes2$18.00
OL161Wood - Fastening2$18.00
OL162Wood - Finishing4$36.00
OL163Wood - Handbook36$324.00
OL103Wood - Lumber Stress Grade & Design2$18.00
OL164Wood - Mechanical Properties 4$36.00
OL104Wood - Physical Properties3$27.00
OL105Wood - Use in Buildings and Bridges2$18.00

- You can not have multiple certificates for your associates and other co-workers in your office or friends by purchasing one course. It's one certificate per purchase.

- If you want to pay by check, print the screen when you are taking the quiz, take the quiz and mail it in with a check to our address. We will grade your quiz and fax/email your certificate after you pass.