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Land Surveyors Continuing Education

The mission of the Board of Professional Land Surveying is to protect the residents by regulating, licensing and renewing the licenses of only competent surveyors. Surveyors who are able to provide accurate surveys which will result in the orderly use of our physical environment.

Land Surveyors Continiung Education PDH Courses

The following online PDH or CE continuing education courses help the Professional LS Land Surveyor to meet their continuing education requirements to renew their LS Professional Land Surveying license to practice as a LS Professional Land Surveyor.

DiscountPDH offers online CE and PDH courses for LS Professional Land Surveyors to renew their LS Professional Land Surveyors license. All online PDH and CE courses for LS Professional Land Surveyors are technical in nature and address business management practices, professional ethics, quality assurance, codes or other similar topics which facilitate the licensee's professional development as a professional LS Professional Land Surveyors and serves to safeguard Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) of the citizens.

PDH courses for Land Surveyors

IDCourse NamePDHPrice
OL527An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice New2$30.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI New1$12.00
OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees New2$24.00
OL520Ethics - Maryland State Board of Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics New2$30.00
OL509What is LiDAR Technology New10$90.00
OL465Surveying Field Formulae New3$45.00
OL464Surveying Basics New3$27.00
OL463History of Surveying New4$36.00
OL462Different Methods of Surveying New2$30.00
OL461Basic Concepts of Surveying New2$24.00
OL460Surveying and Mapping Manual New50$450.00
OL458Land Surveying Procedure NY New27$324.00
OL457Highway Surveying Manual New32$319.00
OL456Basic Surveying Theory and Practice New23$345.00
OL431Horizontal Curve Safety New9$135.00
OL397Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations New10$120.00

OL224Acoustic Multi Beam Survey Systems for Deep Draft Navigation Projects8$96.00
OL225Airborne LIDAR Topographic Surveying4$48.00
OL527An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice2$30.00
OL461Basic Concepts of Surveying2$24.00
OL233Basic Geodesy4$48.00
OL456Basic Surveying Theory and Practice23$345.00
OL237Construction Surveying - Bridge Surveying2$24.00
OL238Construction Surveying - Curves4$48.00
OL235Construction Surveying - Earthwork2$24.00
OL292D.O.T, Low Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety8$120.00
OL462Different Methods of Surveying2$30.00
OL228Electronic Digital Level4$48.00
OL239Establishment of Calibration Baselines4$48.00
OL229Fundamentals of Corner Restoration4$60.00
OL24Ethics - General Ethics and Standards for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors3$27.00
OL230Geospatial Data and Systems24$216.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI1$12.00
OL397Guideline on General Contractor-Subcontractor Relations10$120.00
OL457Highway Surveying Manual32$319.00
OL463History of Surveying4$36.00
OL431Horizontal Curve Safety9$135.00
OL458Land Surveying Procedure NY27$324.00
OL520Ethics - Maryland State Board of Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics2$30.00
OL232NAVSTAR Global Positioning System Surveying30$270.00
OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees2$24.00
OL240Planning and Processing Surveys for Civil Works Projects4$36.00
OL241Positioning Techniques for Offshore Engineering Surveys8$72.00
OL244Project Control, Coordinate Systems and Datums8$72.00
OL242Public Land Survey Systems4$36.00
OL236Road Surveying; Reconnaissance Survey4$36.00
OL243Single Beam Acoustic Depth Measurement Techniques8$72.00
OL245Structural Deformation Surveying34$306.00
OL459Survey Manual20$180.00
OL246Survey Markers and Monumentation8$72.00
OL460Surveying and Mapping Manual50$450.00
OL464Surveying Basics3$27.00
OL465Surveying Field Formulae3$45.00
OL226Surveying Procedures and Practices8$72.00
OL227Using Differential GPS Positioning for Elevation Determination4$36.00
OL509What is LiDAR Technology10$90.00

- You can not have multiple certificates for your associates and other co-workers in your office or friends by purchasing one course. It's one certificate per purchase.

- If you want to pay by check, print the screen when you are taking the quiz, take the quiz and mail it in with a check to our address. We will grade your quiz and fax/email your certificate after you pass.