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We are Pre-approved by the State Board of Engineers in the following States:

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PDH Courses for Engineers

Our courses have been accepted by all the following State Board of Engineers since 2002.

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None of our courses have ever been denied by any State Board of Engineers nationwide.

Online PDH Courses for Engineers

ID Course Name PDH Price
OL608Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami, Florida New PDH Course - Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami, Florida 15$180.00
OL609Blowout and Rig fire in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma New PDH Course - Blowout and Rig fire in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma 20$198.00
OL610Toxic Chemical release at DuPont in La Porte, Texas New PDH Course - Toxic Chemical release at DuPont in La Porte, Texas 12$180.00
OL611Pressure Vessel Explosion at a Box Company in St. Louis, Missouri New PDH Course - Pressure Vessel Explosion at a Box Company in St. Louis, Missouri 12$180.00
OL612Failure of three Hammerhead Cranes in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida New PDH Course - Failure of three Hammerhead Cranes in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida 11$165.00
OL613ADA - Ramps and Curb Ramps New PDH Course - ADA - Ramps and Curb Ramps 2$24.00
OL614ADA - Operable Parts, Drinking Fountains and Stairways New PDH Course - ADA - Operable Parts, Drinking Fountains and Stairways 3$36.00
OL615Masonry Wall Collapse New PDH Course - Masonry Wall Collapse 2$30.00
OL616Hydrogen Sulfide Release at Waterflood Station in Odessa, Texas New PDH Course - Hydrogen Sulfide Release at Waterflood Station in Odessa, Texas 5$60.00
OL617ADA - Elevators and Platform Lifts New PDH Course - ADA - Elevators and Platform Lifts 2$24.00
OL618Collapse of Building under Construction New PDH Course - Collapse of Building under Construction 2$30.00
OL619ADA Inspection New PDH Course - ADA Inspection 2$30.00
OL620ADA - Accessible Routes New PDH Course - ADA - Accessible Routes 2$24.00
OL621A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence New PDH Course - A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 1$15.00
OL622ADA - Accessible, Golf, Playground, Swimming and Fishing New PDH Course - ADA - Accessible, Golf, Playground, Swimming and Fishing 17$204.00
OL623Trench Collapse New PDH Course - Trench Collapse 1$12.00
OL624ADA - Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and Dryer New PDH Course - ADA - Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and Dryer 6$90.00
OL625Tank Explosion in West Virginia New PDH Course - Tank Explosion in West Virginia 6$90.00
OL626Plant Collapse at Omaha Nebraska New PDH Course - Plant Collapse at Omaha Nebraska 4$60.00
OL627Mast Climbing Platform Collapse in Austin, Texas New PDH Course - Mast Climbing Platform Collapse in Austin, Texas 4$48.00
OL628Fire During Hot Work at Evergreen Packaging Paper Mill New PDH Course - Fire During Hot Work at Evergreen Packaging Paper Mill 7$105.00
OL629Excavation Collapse New PDH Course - Excavation Collapse 3$45.00

OL44521st Century Talent Spotting2$30.00
OL621A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence1$15.00
OL514A Framework for Analyzing the Hydrologic Condition of Watersheds5$45.00
OL255A Guide for City Water2$24.00
OL392A Guide to OSHA Excavations Standard6$90.00
OL585A Landowner’s Guide to Building Forest Access Road7$84.00
OL106A Policy Guide to Steel Moment Frame Construction3$36.00
OL552AC Motors, Alternators and Hydraulic Transmission4$60.00
OL553AC, DC Circuits, Voltmeter5$75.00
OL482Accident - 7 Key Lessons to Prevent Worker Death During Hot Work in and Around Tanks2$30.00
OL495Accident - BP-Texas City Refinery Explosion and Fire31$372.00
OL497Accident - Deepwater Horizon Volume I and II15$225.00
OL488Accident - Fireworks Disposal Explosion11$165.00
OL494Accident - Imperial Sugar Dust Explosion and Fire12$180.00
OL496Accident - West Texas Fertilizer Company Fire and Explosion34$349.00
OL490Accident Case - Caribbean Petroleum Tank Explosion and Fire14$210.00
OL489Accident Case - Chemical Manufacturing Incident10$90.00
OL493Accident Case - DuPont Methyl Chloride Release23$345.00
OL375Accident Investigation2$24.00
OL513Accident Reporting and Analysis in Forestry7$63.00
OL224Acoustic Multi Beam Survey Systems for Deep Draft Navigation Projects8$96.00
OL602ADA - Accessible Means of Egress2$30.00
OL603ADA - Accessible Routes2$30.00
OL620ADA - Accessible Routes2$24.00
OL622ADA - Accessible, Golf, Playground, Swimming and Fishing17$204.00
OL607ADA - Alterations and Additions1$15.00
OL07ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act3$36.00
OL605ADA - Clear Floor Spaces and Ground Surfaces2$30.00
OL17ADA - Common ADA Error and Omissions in New Constructions and Alterations2$24.00
OL617ADA - Elevators and Platform Lifts2$24.00
OL604ADA - Operable Parts and Protruding Objects2$30.00
OL614ADA - Operable Parts, Drinking Fountains and Stairways3$36.00
OL613ADA - Ramps and Curb Ramps2$24.00
OL624ADA - Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and Dryer6$90.00
OL01ADA and City Government Common Problems + ADA Accessible Stadiums2$24.00
OL02ADA Guide for Small Business2$24.00
OL03ADA Guide for Small Towns3$36.00
OL619ADA Inspection2$30.00
OL606ADA Scoping - New Construction2$30.00
OL04ADA Standards for Accessible Design 201030$349.00
OL05ADA Title III Highlights2$24.00
OL536Advanced Drone Technology7$105.00
OL508Advanced Modular Building Construction21$189.00
OL376Air Compressor4$60.00
OL225Airborne LIDAR Topographic Surveying2$24.00
OL06Aircraft Fire Fighting7$63.00
OL413Alabama Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics4$36.00
OL412Alaska Board of Engineers, Land Surveyors and Architects Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL378Alternating Current Generators3$45.00
OL210America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry3$36.00
OL527An Engineering View of Liability and Negligence in Engineering Practice2$30.00
OL109API - BIOACCUMULATION: An Evaluation of Federal and State Regulatory Initiatives11$132.00
OL107API - Commission Publications Explains How Oil Market Works2$24.00
OL108API - Mixing Zone Modeling and Dilution Analysis for Water Quality Based NPDES Permit Limits20$240.00
OL343Appropriate Response to the Uncontrolled Release of Hazardous Substances10$90.00
OL411Arkansas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL08Army Aviation Lighting6$54.00
OL575Asbestos at Workplace and Residence14$126.00
OL110Asbestos Standard for the Construction industry2$24.00
OL554Basic Circuit Analysis and Trouble Shooting2$30.00
OL461Basic Concepts of Surveying2$24.00
OL454Basic Digital Circuits3$45.00
OL233Basic Geodesy4$48.00
OL456Basic Surveying Theory and Practice23$345.00
OL455Basics of Electricity/Electronics2$24.00
OL478Basics of RFID Technology2$30.00
OL383Basics of Soil Mechanics2$30.00
OL555Batteries, Inverters, Semiconductors and Rectifiers3$45.00
OL551Benjamin Banker and the Survey of District of Colombia, 17912$30.00
OL477Better Temperature Measurements4$60.00
OL211Biomass Oil Analysis17$204.00
OL234BLM Glossary for Survey and Mapping4$48.00
OL609Blowout and Rig fire in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma20$198.00
OL09Blowout Prevention (Section 1)3$36.00
OL10BOP Equipment Descriptions and Requirements7$84.00
OL11BOP Inspection and Testing4$48.00
OL387BP Gas Fracking2$24.00
OL12Bridge Inspection18$162.00
OL372Building Performance and Damage Investigation after 4 Hurricanes4$60.00
OL374Building Performance and Damage Investigation after Hurricane Charley30$319.00
OL373Building Performance and Damage Investigation after Hurricane Katrina9$135.00
OL13Cathodic Protection System for Civil Works Structures15$135.00
OL14Causes of Distress and Deterioration in Concrete5$45.00
OL15aCentral Boiler Plants I3$27.00
OL15bCentral Boiler Plants II15$135.00
OL15cCentral Boiler Plants III30$270.00
OL249Centrifugal Pumps and its principles3$45.00
OL81Chemical Hazard Communication2$24.00
OL16Child Development Center5$60.00
OL481Climate Change and Evolved Pavements25$299.00
OL166Coastal Geological Investigations10$90.00
OL618Collapse of Building under Construction2$30.00
OL560Computing Stormwater Runoff Rates and Volumes 4$36.00
OL587Concrete Construction12$180.00
OL112Concrete Hydraulic Structures, Time-History Dynamic Analysis36$324.00
OL574Concrete Overlays22$330.00
OL544Concrete Testing8$120.00
OL113Construction Considerations for Low Density Concrete1$9.00
OL576Construction Electrician - Advanced9$135.00
OL512Construction of a Complete Rain Garden5$45.00
OL346Construction of Underground Tunnels3$45.00
OL19Construction Pocket Guide1$12.00
OL572Construction Project Management15$180.00
OL237Construction Surveying - Bridge Surveying2$24.00
OL238Construction Surveying - Curves4$48.00
OL235Construction Surveying - Earthwork2$24.00
OL584Corrosion Control6$90.00
OL548Cost Comparison between Drone vs. Traditional Surveying5$60.00
OL167Covered Storage12$108.00
OL312Crude Oil Markets5$60.00
OL317Culvert Characteristics2$24.00
OL388Culverts Design9$135.00
OL546Curing Concrete4$60.00
OL347Current Applications and Research in Photovoltaic Technology for Buildings4$60.00
OL292D.O.T, Low Cost Treatments for Horizontal Curve Safety8$120.00
OL114Dam Owners- Impact of Plants on Earthen Dams10$120.00
OL168Dam Safety-Selecting Inflow Design Floods for Dams4$48.00
OL577Danger of Asbestos Around the World6$54.00
OL556DC Generators, Armature, Commuters and DC Motors4$60.00
OL339Debris Control Structures Evaluation and Countermeasures24$329.00
OL583Decorative Concrete Overlay2$24.00
OL428Desalination for Safe Water Supply22$264.00
OL377Design and Analysis of Bio Diesel from Algae3$45.00
OL265Design and Construction Guidelines for Dams10$120.00
OL250Design and Construction Guidelines for Dams in Texas10$120.00
OL402Design and Construction of Continues Flight Auger Piles34$299.00
OL115Design and Construction of Safe Room and Shelter Against Terrorist Attack26$312.00
OL504Design and Construction of Tunnels39$349.00
OL425Design and Construction Procedures for Concrete Overlay and Widening of Existing Pavements20$299.00
OL116Design Guide for Improving School Safety30$349.00
OL117Design Guide in Improving Hospital Safety36$359.00
OL426Design of Flexible Pavements23$276.00
OL435Design of Pipe Culverts2$24.00
OL436Design of Pre-stressed Concrete Bridge Members4$60.00
OL20Design of Sheet Pile Wall-US Army10$120.00
OL313Design of Small Water Systems11$99.00
OL434Design Techniques, Construction Practices, and Materials for Affordable Housing11$132.00
OL82Design, Guidelines & Standards for Historic Districts5$60.00
OL118Designing for Earthquakes30$360.00
OL330Designing Shoulder Rumbles Strips Compatible with Bicyclists and Beneficial to Motorists10$150.00
OL462Different Methods of Surveying2$30.00
OL322Disinfecting the Water Using Combined Disinfectants3$36.00
OL323Disinfecting the Water Using Peroxone4$48.00
OL321Disinfecting the Water using UV Radiation4$48.00
OL338Distress Identification Manual for the Long Term Pavement Performance Program24$329.00
OL550District of Columbia Original Boundary Markers2$30.00
OL21Domestic Wastewater Treatment17$153.00
OL510Drainage Design Criteria11$99.00
OL119Dredging and Dredged Material Disposal9$81.00
OL120Drilling and Blasting for Surface Excavations12$108.00
OL22Drilling and Operating Oil & Gas and Geothermal Wells in H2S Environments4$48.00
OL121Earthquake Resistant Construction of Gas and Liquid Fuel Pipeline 6$72.00
OL122Effects of Oil and Chemically Dispersed Oil in the Environment5$60.00
OL318Effects of Traffic Calming Measures on Pedestrians and Motorist Behavior3$36.00
OL599Electric Power Grid Transition and Modernization3$45.00
OL25Electric Power Plant Design14$126.00
OL598Electric Power System Transformations3$36.00
OL26Electrical Design Lightning and Static Electricity2$18.00
OL83Electrical Handbook15$180.00
OL27Electrical Power Supply and Distribution15$135.00
OL84Electrical Test Methods25$300.00
OL228Electronic Digital Level4$48.00
OL251Emergency Action Plans for Dams5$60.00
OL379Energy Efficiency Lighting1$12.00
OL362Energy Efficient Building Design Guidelines6$72.00
OL307Energy Management for Motor Driven Systems15$180.00
OL348Energy Recovery for Ventilation Air in Laboratories2$30.00
OL319Energy Resource Potential of Methane Hydrate3$36.00
OL252Engineering and Design of Incinerators for Combustible Waste2$18.00
OL399Engineering Assessment of Algae Biofuel Production25$299.00
OL337Engineering Design - Precipitation, Coagulation, Flocculation14$126.00
OL486Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Carbon Dioxide in the European Energy System14$168.00
OL170Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil & Gas exploration18$216.00
OL361Environmental Design for Small Boat Basins5$45.00
OL329Environmental Engineering for Coastal Shore Protection27$243.00
OL336Environmental Engineering for Flood Control Channels10$90.00
OL239Establishment of Calibration Baselines4$48.00
OL28Estimating Well Cost for Enhanced Geo System Applications7$84.00
OL85Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures18$162.00
OL511Evaluation of Urban Soils3$36.00
OL629Excavation Collapse3$45.00
OL437Extensive Wastewater Treatment Process6$90.00
OL612Failure of three Hammerhead Cranes in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida11$165.00
OL123Federal Guide for Dam Safety 3$36.00
OL394Fire Detection and Suppression for Building in Historic District2$24.00
OL628Fire During Hot Work at Evergreen Packaging Paper Mill7$105.00
OL29Fire Fighting26$234.00
Ol380Fire Protection Design Manual10$120.00
OL395Fire Protection of Structural Steel in High Rise Buildings10$120.00
OL590Florida Approved Advanced Building Code Course1$12.00
OL499Florida State Board of Engineers Ethics (2023-2025)1$12.00
OL498Florida State Board of Engineers Rules, Laws (2023-2025)1$12.00
OL31Foundation in Expansive Soils10$90.00
OL557Fundamental of Electricity and Electronics 3$45.00
OL229Fundamentals of Corner Restoration4$60.00
OL308Fundamentals of Diesel Engines, Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Valves17$255.00
OL197Fundamentals of Material Science10$150.00
OL327Future of Engineering Practice, Research and Education in America 18$270.00
OL597Future Scenarios of Power System and Infrastructure in the United States15$180.00
OL124General Design and Construction of Earth and Rock-Fill Dams12$108.00
OL24General Ethics and Standards for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors3$27.00
OL253General Piping Design5$45.00
OL86General Principles of Pumping Stations and Layout4$60.00
OL32Generators and Motors15$225.00
OL33Geo Buried Treasure2$30.00
OL230Geospatial Data and Systems24$216.00
OL231GIS Terminology4$60.00
OL596Global Energy Transformation Path to 205010$150.00
OL309Green Building - Greening Federal Facilities20$300.00
OL213Green Building - LEED, Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings19$285.00
OL507Green Building Codes-Going Beyond Code12$180.00
OL212Green Building Guidelines, New Home Construction6$90.00
OL35Green Building Rating Systems for Existing Buildings15$225.00
OL34Green Building Rating Systems for New Construction and Major Renovations10$150.00
OL214Green Building, LEED 2009 for New Constructions and Major Renovations12$180.00
OL215Green Building; Sustainable Buildings6$90.00
OL216Green Remediation - Incorporating Sustainable Environmental Practices into Remediation of Contaminated Sites 8$120.00
OL562Green Street 1$15.00
OL335Greenhouse Gas Emissions9$135.00
OL358Greenhouse Gas Inventory3$45.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI1$12.00
OL196Grouting Technology15$135.00
OL447Guidance for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites27$324.00
OL254Guidance on Risk Analysis and Safety Implications of a Large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spill Over Water20$300.00
OL433Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction11$165.00
OL593Guide for Design and Construction of Concrete Parking Lots4$48.00
OL506Guide to ADA Standards25$225.00
OL518Guide to Long-Span Concrete Floors6$90.00
OL397Guidelines for a Successful Construction Project10$120.00
OL432Guidelines for Seismic Design of Tall Buildings8$120.00
OL256Guidelines for Surface Water Drainage Plan for a Municipal Solid Waste Facility2$30.00
OL311Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale- Environmental Impact30$349.00
OL257Hazard Communication Guidance for Combustible Dusts2$30.00
OL451Heating and Cooling of the Buildings11$165.00
OL36Heavy Load on Concrete Slabs4$36.00
OL457Highway Surveying Manual32$319.00
OL87History of Coastal Engineering4$60.00
OL463History of Surveying4$36.00
OL37Home Builder Guide I4$60.00
OL38 Home Builder Guide II2$30.00
OL39Home Builder Guide III5$75.00
OL189Home Builder's Guide to Seismic Resistant Construction8$120.00
OL438Home Insulation3$36.00
OL431Horizontal Curve Safety9$135.00
OL389How Boilers Work3$45.00
OL48How Chemicals Move from the Water into Fish and Other Aquatic Organisms7$105.00
OL366How Design and Construct an Earthquake Resistant House17$255.00
OL443How GE Teaches Teams To Lead Change2$18.00
OL453How HVAC Works2$24.00
OL47How Safely Erect Steel3$45.00
OL368How the Energy Efficient Buildings in Los Alamos Labs are Built30$270.00
OL42How to Avoid Earthquake Damage in New Buildings19$285.00
OL49How to Avoid Electrical Hazard2$30.00
OL46How to Avoid Health Hazard in Plumbing Cross Connections6$90.00
OL45How to Avoid Lead Exposure in the Construction Industry5$75.00
OL44How to Build a Radon Resistant Home8$120.00
OL439How To Build A Rain Garden3$36.00
OL369How to Build Residential Construction in the Gulf Coast Area30$299.00
OL258How to Comply with the Air Quality in Ethylene Oxide Plants2$18.00
OL563How to Concrete in Cold and Hot Weather 1$15.00
OL569How to Counter Bridge Scour and Stream Instability 22$264.00
OL573How to Cure Portland Cement21$189.00
OL363How to Design & Construct a House to Withstand 150 MPH Wind32$349.00
OL40How to Design Buildings Against Terrorist Attacks8$120.00
OL334How to Design Golf Clubhouses9$135.00
OL88How to Design Pile Foundations18$162.00
OL391How to Design Sustainable Concrete Pavements16$239.00
OL588How to Do Site Work for Construction7$105.00
OL41How to Evaluate & Repair Concrete Structures20$180.00
OL370How to Evaluate Earth Quaked Damaged Concrete and Masonry Wall Buildings36$324.00
OL393How to Improve Soft Ground5$75.00
OL89How to Inspect, Evaluate and Repair Hydraulic Structures15$135.00
OL505How to Maintain Gravel Road20$180.00
OL50How to Make Sure the Structures Built Near the Flood Zone are Safe3$45.00
OL365How to Pick a Residential Lot or Building Site in Coastal Areas20$240.00
OL43How to Preserve Historic Buildings18$270.00
OL51How to Protect Coastal Shorelines6$54.00
OL364How to Protect Your House From Flooding15$225.00
OL547How to Put an Access Road on Your Property3$45.00
OL187How to Reduce Lead Hazard When Remodeling Your Home2$30.00
OL52How to Respond In Case Your Oil Tanker Has Grounded Offshore6$90.00
OL90How to Save Energy and Money at Home2$30.00
OL384How to Select an Air Compressor3$45.00
OL589How to Select Cool Roofs3$36.00
OL314How to Use Wind Energy to Power Your House3$45.00
OL359How to Visually Detect Flaws and Characteristics in Rolled Aluminum4$60.00
OL367How to Visually Screen Buildings for Potential Seismic Hazard15$225.00
OL186HVAC - Building Air Quality, A Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managers27$324.00
OL53HVAC - Chillers, Refrigerant, Compressors and Heating Systems8$120.00
OL484HVAC Assessment5$60.00
OL429HVAC Controls Introduction12$180.00
OL487HVAC for Home2$30.00
OL528HVAC Good Duct Design2$24.00
OL483HVAC Split Systems2$18.00
OL524HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow2$24.00
OL525HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems2$24.00
OL595Hybrid Power Plant Design9$135.00
OL430Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts32$288.00
OL125Hydroelectric Power Plants Electrical Design10$90.00
OL616Hydrogen Sulfide Release at Waterflood Station in Odessa, Texas5$60.00
OL266Hydrologic and Hydraulic Guidelines for Dams4$60.00
OL259Hydrologic and Hydraulic Guidelines for Dams in Texas4$60.00
OL297Illinois Board of Professional Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL448Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings20$240.00
OL452Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings4$60.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost2$18.00
OL492Improving Boilers and Heater Energy Efficiency4$36.00
OL516Improving Compressed Air System Performance18$162.00
OL184Improving Fan System Performance8$120.00
OL316Improving Process Heating System Performance11$165.00
OL310Improving Process Heating System Performance - 2nd Edition14$210.00
OL183Improving Steam System Performance14$210.00
OL450Incineration of Municipal Solid Waste8$96.00
OL268Incinerators Mobilization Construction3$27.00
OL333Increasing the Efficient Use of Highway Capacity 10$150.00
OL301Indiana Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics4$36.00
OL260Industrial Heat Pumps for Steam and Fuel Savings3$45.00
OL360Innovative Scanning Antenna Systems for Advanced Recognition of Rail Collision Obstacle Detection and Automobile Collision Avoidance3$45.00
OL306Inspection of Highway and Rail Transit Tunnels12$180.00
OL126Installing Seismic Restraint for Duct and Pipe8$120.00
OL127Installing Seismic Restraints for Mechanical Equipment4$60.00
OL128Instrumentation for Concrete Structures26$234.00
OL396International Standard for Centrifugal Pumps30$270.00
OL129Introduction to Amplifiers16$225.00
OL357Introduction to Batteries4$60.00
OL385Introduction to Boiler2$24.00
OL386Introduction to Centrifugal Pump Systems7$84.00
OL130 Introduction to Circuit Protection16$240.00
OL91Introduction to Digital Computers15$225.00
OL92Introduction to Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques and Schematic Readings15$225.00
OL132Introduction to Electronic Emission, Tubes and Power Supplies 18$270.00
OL133Introduction to Fiber Optics20$300.00
OL600Introduction to Javelin Anti-Tank Close Combat Missile System Engineering7$84.00
OL134Introduction to Matter, Energy and Direct Current22$330.00
OL93Introduction to Microelectronics15$225.00
OL94Introduction to Number System and Logic20$300.00
OL564Introduction to Paint and Coating 1$15.00
OL135Introduction to Solid State Devices and Power Supplies30$349.00
OL131Introduction to Test Equipment22$264.00
OL491Introduction to Transistors3$45.00
OL181Introduction to Wave-Generation and Wave-Shaping25$375.00
OL111Investigation of the Impact of Commercial Building Envelope Air Tightness on HVAC Energy Use5$75.00
OL414Iowa Board of Professional Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics5$45.00
OL601Javelin Anti-Tank Close Combat Missile System Engineering Manual30$360.00
OL458Land Surveying Procedure NY27$324.00
OL54Landscape Design and Planning3$27.00
OL446Landscape Irrigation Design Manual18$216.00
OL261Landscape Irrigation Program6$90.00
OL522Large Power Transformers and the US Electric Grid7$105.00
OL582Leadership Skills for Advancing Engineers1$15.00
OL476Leading and Motivating as a Manager2$18.00
OL178Leak Detection Methods for Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks and Piping3$45.00
OL517Life Cycle Assessment of Energy and LED Lighting8$72.00
OL475Lighting, HVAC and Plumbing6$90.00
OL267Liquid Process Piping22$198.00
OL302Louisiana Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL415Maine State Board of Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics2$18.00
OL55aMaintenance & Repair of Building Structures I3$27.00
OL55bMaintenance & Repair of Building Structures II10$90.00
OL55cMaintenance & Repair of Building Structures III20$180.00
OL56Maintenance of Surface Areas and Related Structures15$135.00
OL57Maintenance of Trackage10$90.00
OL58Maintenance of Waterfront Structures8$72.00
OL342Management Guidelines for Working with Radioactive and Mixed Waste20$180.00
OL356Managing Solid Waste & Emergency Response3$36.00
OL398Manual for Repair of Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridges20$299.00
OL519Maryland State Board of Engineers, Laws and Ethics2$30.00
OL520Maryland State Board of Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics2$30.00
OL615Masonry Wall Collapse2$30.00
OL627Mast Climbing Platform Collapse in Austin, Texas4$48.00
OL515Measurement of Mercury and Heavy Metals Emissions from Fossil- Fired Power Plants30$270.00
OL136Mechanical and Electrical Design of Pumping Station12$108.00
OL410Michigan Professional Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics1$9.00
OL299Minnesota Board of Professional Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, Landscape Architects, Soil Scientists and Interior Designers Rules, Laws and Ethics4$36.00
OL565Minor Road Damage Repair 3$45.00
OL421Mississippi State Board of Engineers and Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL594Modernization of Electric Power System8$120.00
OL137Modulation in Radio-Frequency 20$300.00
OL177Mold Remediation in School2$30.00
OL474Motivating Employees4$48.00
OL355Nanotechnology and Sustainability5$75.00
OL269Natural Gas Unlocking the Low Carbon Future8$120.00
OL332Natural Resource Conservation Design10$120.00
OL59Natural Resources Forest Management3$27.00
OL60Natural Resources Land Management17$153.00
OL586Natural Site Design Preservation and Protection8$120.00
OL232NAVSTAR Global Positioning System Surveying30$270.00
OL417Nebraska State Board of Engineers and Architects Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL503NEC 2017 Code Changes in Definition2$30.00
OL500NEC 2017 Code Changes in Equipment for General Use5$75.00
OL501NEC 2017 Code Changes in Wiring and Protection5$75.00
OL502NEC 2017 Code Changes in Wiring Methods and Materials3$45.00
OL138New & Old Electronic Glossary2$18.00
OL300New Jersey State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL422New Mexico State Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics2$18.00
OL23New York Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL176Noise and Vibration Control10$90.00
OL423North Carolina State Board of Engineering and Land Surveying Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL354Offshore Wind Energy2$30.00
OL263On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) Rules Compilation15$135.00
OL521One More Time How Do You Motivate Employees2$24.00
OL139Operation & Maintenance Best Practices22$198.00
OL62Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Auxiliary Generators12$108.00
OL427Operational Method for the Assessment Of Existing Structures35$315.00
OL344Optimal Design of a Golf Club4$60.00
OL418Oregon State Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL566OSHA Trenching and Excavation Safety 1$15.00
OL561OSHA-Controlling Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) 5$45.00
OL264Outdoor Burning3$27.00
OL262Outdoor Burning in Texas3$27.00
OL194Overview of Gulf of Mexico OCS Oil and Gas Pipelines2$18.00
OL353Overview of Steam Generator Tube Degradation and Integrity Issues4$36.00
OL270Package Plants for Wastewater Technology3$27.00
OL472Park Design Standards Manual6$54.00
OL63Pavement Maintenance6$54.00
OL64Pavement Maintenance Management15$135.00
OL471Pavement Markings2$30.00
OL608Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami, Florida15$180.00
OL247Pennsylvania Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists Rules, Laws and Ethics2$18.00
OL331Personal Protective Equipment4$48.00
OL240Planning and Processing Surveys for Civil Works Projects4$36.00
OL626Plant Collapse at Omaha Nebraska4$60.00
OL581Pond Construction and Design6$72.00
OL580Porous Asphalt Pavement1$15.00
OL241Positioning Techniques for Offshore Engineering Surveys8$72.00
OL140Post Earthquake Evaluation and Repair of Welded Steel Design20$180.00
OL401Post-Tensioning Installation and Grouting Manual25$345.00
OL558Powers, Resistance, Capacitors and Inductance 6$90.00
OL470Practical Temperature Measurements6$90.00
OL571Practice of Low Impact Development8$96.00
OL469Pressure Measurement2$30.00
OL611Pressure Vessel Explosion at a Box Company in St. Louis, Missouri12$180.00
OL65Preventive Maintenance Program2$18.00
OL175Principals of Synchros, Servos and Gyros18$162.00
OL468Principles and Application of Radio Frequency Identification3$45.00
OL315Principles of Electromagnetic Spectrum and Satellite Platforms7$63.00
OL244Project Control, Coordinate Systems and Datums8$72.00
OL442Promise Based Management2$24.00
OL141Promoting Seismic Safety4$36.00
OL220Proposed Gulf of Mexico OCS (Outer Continental shelf) Oil and Gas Lease Sale 20712$108.00
OL142Proposed Test Protocol for Calculating the Energy Efficiency of Internal Ac-Dc Power Supplies2$18.00
OL242Public Land Survey Systems4$36.00
OL479Quality Control Quality Assurance Manual for Asphalt Concrete Production and Placement10$150.00
OL467Quality Control Quality Manual for Hot Mix Asphalt10$150.00
OL381Quality of Highway Runoff Water in Austin, Texas Area5$60.00
OL143Radar Principles20$180.00
OL144Radio Frequency Communications Principles20$180.00
OL371Recommendations and Technical Guidelines for Midwest Tornadoes20$300.00
OL95Recommended Practice for the Design of Residential Foundations3$27.00
OL145Recommended Seismic Evaluation of Welded Designs20$180.00
OL66Repair of Rigid Pavement Using Epoxy2$18.00
OL466Residential Structural Design Guide52$399.00
OL485Response to Extreme Weather Impact on Transportation Systems11$132.00
OL96Retaining and Floodwalls30$270.00
OL441Rethinking Marketing2$24.00
OL352Review of Orifice Plate Steam Traps3$45.00
OL174Rigs-to-Reefs Policy, Progress and Perspective1$9.00
OL146Risk Based Methodologies for Evaluating Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacts at Oil and Natural Gas E&P Sites10$90.00
OL351Risk Management Guide for Information Technology System8$120.00
OL236Road Surveying; Reconnaissance Survey4$36.00
OL173Rock Foundations12$108.00
OL567Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement 1$15.00
OL68Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Workers from Amputations7$63.00
OL147Seismic Considerations for Steel Storage Racks15$135.00
OL591Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Illinois Structural and Professional Engineers1$18.00
OL592Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers and Employees2$29.00
OL69Sheet Piling4$36.00
OL243Single Beam Acoustic Depth Measurement Techniques8$72.00
OL70Site Planning and Design8$72.00
OL579Small Unmanned Craft for Surveying4$60.00
OL71Soil and Geology Procedure for Foundation Design20$180.00
OL72Soil Stabilizations for Pavements6$54.00
OL73Solar Water Heating4$36.00
OL271Solar-Powered Livestock Watering Systems2$18.00
OL74Solid Waste Management17$153.00
OL298South Carolina Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL97Stability Analysis of Concrete Structures15$135.00
OL98Standard Practice for Concrete Pavement6$54.00
OL195Standard Practice for Shotcrete4$36.00
OL326Starting a Business for Engineers and Scientists1$9.00
OL570Storm Management Handbook 12$180.00
OL568Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 6$72.00
OL148Strategies for Characterizing Subsurface Releases of Gasoline Containing MTBE II12$108.00
OL149Structural & Architectural Design of Pumping Stations7$63.00
OL245Structural Deformation Surveying34$306.00
OL172Summary of Federal Regulations for Underground Storage Tank Systems4$36.00
OL459Survey Manual20$180.00
OL246Survey Markers and Monumentation8$72.00
OL460Surveying and Mapping Manual30$298.00
OL549Surveying and Mapping with Drones1$12.00
OL464Surveying Basics3$27.00
OL465Surveying Field Formulae3$45.00
OL226Surveying Procedures and Practices8$72.00
OL345Sustainable Libraries Design4$48.00
OL169Swimming Pool Operation and Maintenance6$54.00
OL99System Engineering Fundamentals25$225.00
OL440Taking Social Media From Talk To Action3$27.00
OL625Tank Explosion in West Virginia6$90.00
OL150Technical Manual for Dam Owners - Impact of Animals on Earthen Dams10$90.00
OL305Technical Painting for New Construction and Maintenance18$162.00
OL151Test Method for Calculating the Energy Efficiency of Single Voltage External Ac-Dc and Ac-Ac Power Supplies1$9.00
OL223Texas Board of Professional Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00
OL350The Cost of Transmission for Wind Energy8$96.00
OL444The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy3$36.00
OL340The Physics of Golf8$120.00
OL209The Purpose for the Florida Building Code3$27.00
OL480The Real Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs2$30.00
OL349Thermal Spray Coating for New Construction & Maintenance2$18.00
OL272Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow20$180.00
OL75Tornado Risks, Shelter and Recommendations4$36.00
OL610Toxic Chemical release at DuPont in La Porte, Texas12$180.00
OL545Tractor Use, Operation and Safety3$45.00
OL76Training Marine Oil Spill Response Workers3$27.00
OL559Transistors, Vacuum Tubes, Filtering and Amplifier 4$60.00
OL303Transit Security Design Against Terrorist Attack30$270.00
OL623Trench Collapse1$12.00
OL152Typical Costs of Seismic Rehab of Existing Buildings8$72.00
OL382UK Shale Fracking2$30.00
OL101Understanding Natural Gas Markets2$18.00
OL578Unmanned Aerial Systems in Marine Science and Conservation3$45.00
OL153Unsurfaced Road Maintenance Management5$45.00
OL227Using Differential GPS Positioning for Elevation Determination4$36.00
OL77USS Steel Sheet Piling Design Manual30$270.00
OL182UST Systems Inspecting and Maintaining Sumps and Spill Buckets3$27.00
OL273Valves, Valve Actuators, Air Compressors, Hydraulics, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Demineralizers, Pressurizes, Steam Traps and Filters and Strainers18$162.00
OL390Visual Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating Concrete Roads4$60.00
OL304Water Quality Analysis of Reservoirs18$162.00
OL320Water Resource Systems2$18.00
OL78Water Supply Pumping Station2$18.00
OL449Water Use Efficiency9$81.00
OL154What Caused the Explosion and Fire in Napp Technology in New Jersey5$45.00
OL79What Caused the Explosion in Shell Co. in Deer Park, Texas7$63.00
OL509What is LiDAR Technology10$90.00
OL80Wire Rope Selection for Gate Operating Devices5$45.00
OL155Wood - Adhesive Bonding3$27.00
OL156Wood - Based Composites and Panel Products3$27.00
OL157Wood - Biodetrioration2$18.00
OL158Wood - Characteristic of Commercial Wood3$27.00
OL159Wood - Commercial Lumber2$18.00
OL160Wood - Drying, Moisture and Dimensional Changes2$18.00
OL161Wood - Fastening2$18.00
OL162Wood - Finishing4$36.00
OL102Wood - Fire Safety2$18.00
OL163Wood - Handbook36$324.00
OL103Wood - Lumber Stress Grade & Design2$18.00
OL164Wood - Mechanical Properties 4$36.00
OL104Wood - Physical Properties3$27.00
OL165Wood - Preservation 3$27.00
OL105Wood - Use in Buildings and Bridges2$18.00
OL341Wood Frame Construction7$105.00
OL324Writing Guide For Engineers and Scientists1$9.00
OL325Writing Technical Reports1$9 .00
OL419Wyoming State Board of Engineers and Land surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics3$27.00

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