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Live PDH Seminars for PE Engineers to renew their PE license

We offer live PDH seminars in Houston, Arlington and San Antonio every year. We are the only engineering continuing education company that has been giving live engineering continuing education seminars since 2002 except during the COVID.

Due to Covid-19, we are not giving any live seminars this year.

COVID-19, We have given live seminars every year since 2002 in Texas and other States. Due to the pandemic this year, there will not be a live seminar because of safety concerns. We will see everyone in 2023. However, we would like to help and provide our customers with their continuing education requirements for this year. We know this will not replace our traditional seminars that we give every year, but it would be our best option for this year.

Option 1:

CD courses. (+ 1 PDH Ethics)    If you have any questions please call 713-787-6810
You will receive a CD which also includes the 1 PDH ethics.

The list of the CD subjects is below. To pick a CD, click on the link below and scroll down.

  • 15 PDH Forensic Engineering, Part #1 (including 1 PDH in Ethics) $279
  • 15 PDH Forensic Engineering, Part #2 ( Including 1 PDH in Ethics) $299
  • 15 PDH How to start a Part time consulting engineering company on a shoe string (1 PDH Ethics) $259
  • 16 PDH, How to protect your house from flooding (1 PDH Ethics) $259
  • 10 PDH Building performance and damage investigation after Hurricane Katrina (1 PDH Ethics) $199
  • 5 PDH Building performance and damage investigation after 4 hurricanes (1 PDH Ethics) $99.00

Option 2:

Online Courses. You can take the Quiz for FREE.

Take all your courses online: Simply take any of the Ethics courses below + an online course that you like.

General Ethics

Texas Ethics

Online Courses

Seminar #1- 15 PDH One-Day Seminar (Texas only, includes 1 PDH in Ethics) $349.00
Coming up in Texas, Fri September 13 , Fri September 20 and, Fri September 27, 2019 (scroll down please)

Live Engineering Seminars
Live PDH Seminars

PDH and CE continuing education courses and seminars for registered Professional Engineers, Architects, Geologists, Contractors and Building Inspectors.

Continental breakfast, snacks and lunch is included and provided at the seminar

Scheduled & Future Live Seminars:

Coming up Seminar #1 September in, Texas .....New Videos ..!!

Our Speaker

2019 seminar topics: Texas

This year we have provided more videos as you requested in your questionnaires.
Some of the following subjects may change and get replaced by a more interesting subject.

New programs will be uploaded every year

Engineering and Technology in Your World

Your House as an Engineered System

Three Structural Systems for Load Bearing

Platform-Framed Housing Construction

The Building Envelope

Site Design and Storm Runoff

Dam Reservoir, Aqueduct Design

Water Treatment Distribution

Wastewater Disposal Treatment

Renewable Sources of Electricity


D-Day Tech

15 PDH One-Day Seminar (Texas, includes 1 PDH in Ethics) $349.00

7 PDH of live seminar (including 1 PDH Ethics)
8 PDH CD Home seminar of Residential structural Damage Inspection ……$349.00

You will receive your 15 PDH certificate at the end of the day

8 PDH Home Seminar CD Quiz

Houston, Texas. Friday, September 13, 2019. 8:30 A.M till 4:30 P.M.
Crown Plaza Houston Suites, 9090 Southwest Freeway Houston, Texas 77074, Tel: 713-995-0123.

Arlington, Texas. Friday , September 20, 2019. 8:30 A.M. till 4:30 P.M.
Crowne Plaza Suites ( Ball PArk) Arlington, 700 Ave H East, Arlington, Texas 76011.Tel: 817-394-5000.

San Antonio, Texas Friday, September 27, 2019. 8:30 A.M till 4:30 P.M.
Embassy Suites by San Antonio Airport, 101110 U.S. 281, San Antonio, Texas 78216, Tel: 210-525-9999.

15 PDH One-Day Seminar

7 PDH of live seminar (including 1 PDH Ethics) +
8 PDH CD Home seminar of Residential structural Damage Inspection

Our Speaker


This Class will go a long way toward provisions the hours required for PE credit. The class makes you think of the enormous responsibilities that an engineer has to design safe + long lasting facilities in spite of economic, environment, + political pressures to sometimes do otherwise. I enjoyed the day in spite of the Saturday morning. I didn't think that the engineering Catastrophes" section would be that good. Good Luck

John Ehrman

The seminar delivered as promised. Entertaining, informative, no nonsense. I learned something I could use, and the provided CD Rom will be a good resource for the future.

Frank G. Hill

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You may cancel your registration and get a refund (less a $50 enrollment Charge) if we receive notice at least 7 days before the seminar date. Refunds are based on the original. No refunds will be made for late cancellation, sickness or absence.