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Continuing Education PDH Courses in Interior Design

All of our Courses are readily accepted by state boards and approved by the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and ASID.

Continuing Education PDH Courses in Interior Design

Interior Designers can take our PDH/CEU courses. If the designer is a member of IDCEC, they will need to self-report the credits as a Non-IDCEC CEU.

If the Designer is an ASID member, he needs to self-report the course and credit to be recognized.

All the courses on this site, including the Interior Design courses, meet the HSW (Health, Safety, and Welfare of the citizens) requirements, as we must answer to all State Boards of Engineers nationwide. Many states, including Texas, accept classes that have not been approved by the IDCEC if they feel that they have met HSW requirements. All of our certificates indicate in writing "The above course is in compliance with HSW (Health, Safety, and Welfare) requirements." All of our courses are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Interior Design Courses

All of our courses are approved for the Interior designers. We would like to recommend the following courses:

ID Course Name PDH Price
OL624ADA - Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and DryerNew PDH Course - ADA - Toilet Rooms, Saunas, and Washer and Dryer 6$90.00
OL621A Brief Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceNew PDH Course - A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 1$15.00
OL620ADA - Accessible RoutesNew PDH Course - ADA - Accessible Routes 2$24.00
OL619ADA InspectionNew PDH Course - ADA Inspection 2$30.00
OL617ADA - Elevators and Platform LiftsNew PDH Course - ADA - Elevators and Platform Lifts 2$24.00
OL614ADA - Operable Parts, Drinking Fountains and StairwaysNew PDH Course - ADA - Operable Parts, Drinking Fountains and Stairways 3$36.00
OL613ADA - Ramps and Curb RampsNew PDH Course - ADA - Ramps and Curb Ramps 2$24.00
OL581Pond Construction and Design PDH Course - Pond Construction and Design 6$72.00
OL506Guide to ADA Standards PDH Course - Guide to ADA Standards 25$225.00
OL341Wood Frame Construction PDH Course - Wood Frame Construction 7$105.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI PDH Course - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI 1$12.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost PDH Course - Impact of Rework in Construction Cost 2$18.00
OL512Construction of a Complete Rain Garden PDH Course - Construction of a Complete Rain Garden 5$45.00
OL547How to Put an Access Road on Your Property PDH Course - How to Put an Access Road on Your Property 3$45.00
OL575Asbestos at Workplace and Residence PDH Course - Asbestos at Workplace and Residence 14$126.00

OL01ADA and City Government Common Problems + ADA Accessible Stadiums2$24.00
OL07ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act3$36.00
OL17ADA - Common ADA Error and Omissions in New Constructions and Alterations2$24.00
OL02ADA Guide for Small Business2$24.00
OL03ADA Guide for Small Towns3$36.00
OL04ADA Standards for Accessible Design 201030$349.00
OL05ADA Title III Highlights2$24.00
OL115Design and Construction of Safe Room and Shelter Against Terrorist Attack26$312.00
OL34Green Building Rating Systems for New Construction and Major Renovations10$150.00
OL35Green Building Rating Systems for Existing Buildings15$225.00
OL212Green Building Guidelines, New Home Construction6$90.00
OL309Green Building - Greening Federal Facilities20$300.00
OL213Green Building - LEED, Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings19$285.00
OL214Green Building, LEED 2009 for New Constructions and Major Renovations12$180.00
OL215Green Building; Sustainable Buildings6$90.00
OL216Green Remediation - Incorporating Sustainable Environmental Practices into Remediation of Contaminated Sites 8$120.00
OL189Home Builder's Guide to Seismic Resistant Construction8$120.00
OL37Home Builder Guide I4$60.00
OL38 Home Builder Guide II2$30.00
OL39Home Builder Guide III5$75.00
OL44How to Build a Radon Resistant Home8$120.00
OL187How to Reduce Lead Hazard When Remodeling Your Home2$30.00
OL90How to Save Energy and Money at Home2$30.00
OL314How to Use Wind Energy to Power Your House3$45.00
OL73Solar Water Heating4$36.00
OL305Technical Painting for New Construction and Maintenance18$162.00
OL349Thermal Spray Coating for New Construction & Maintenance2$18.00
OL394Fire Detection and Suppression for Building in Historic District2$24.00
OL364How to Protect Your House From Flooding15$225.00
OL438Home Insulation3$36.00
OL451Heating and Cooling of the Buildings11$165.00
OL452Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings4$60.00
OL453How HVAC Works2$24.00
OL475Lighting, HVAC and Plumbing6$90.00
OL487HVAC for Home2$30.00
OL507Green Building Codes-Going Beyond Code12$180.00
OL580Porous Asphalt Pavement1$15.00
OL583Decorative Concrete Overlay2$24.00
OL602ADA - Accessible Means of Egress2$30.00
OL603ADA - Accessible Routes2$30.00
OL604ADA - Operable Parts and Protruding Objects2$30.00
OL605ADA - Clear Floor Spaces and Ground Surfaces2$30.00
OL606ADA Scoping - New Construction2$30.00
OL607ADA - Alterations and Additions1$15.00
OL575Asbestos at Workplace and Residence14$126.00
OL547How to Put an Access Road on Your Property3$45.00
OL512Construction of a Complete Rain Garden5$45.00
OL523Impact of Rework in Construction Cost2$18.00
OL526Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-GFCI1$12.00
OL341Wood Frame Construction7$105.00
OL506Guide to ADA Standards25$225.00
OL581Pond Construction and Design6$72.00
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