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Road Surveying; Reconnaissance Survey

Credit: 4 PDH
Course Fee: $36.00
12 pages

Course Summary:

The reconnaissance survey is an extensive study of an entire area that might be used for a road or airfield. Its purpose is to eliminate those routes or sites which are impractical or unfeasible and to identify the more promising routes or sites.

Existing maps and aerial photographs may be of great help. Contour maps show the terrain features and the relief of an area. Aerial photographs show up-to-date planimetric details.

The reconnaissance survey must include all possible routes and sites. The reconnaissance survey report should summarize all the collected information, including a description of each route or site, a conclusion on the economy of its use, and, where possible, appropriate maps and aerial photographs.

Learning Objective:

By the end of this course the participant will learn:

  • What is Reconnaissance survey
  • What is Preliminary survey
  • Preparation and scope for a Final location survey
  • Preparation and scope for a Construction layout survey

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: US Army Corps of Engineers

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