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Promoting Seismic Safety

Credit: 4 PDH
Course Fee: $36.00
52 pages

Course Summary:

Promoting seismic safety can be challenging because people seem indifferent to its benefits or decision-makers dismiss good ideas about ways to make buildings and communities more resistant to the damaging effects of earthquakes.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • Successful Seismic Safety Advocacy
  • Earthquake Basics
  • The ABC’s of Seismic Building Codes
  • Policies and Legislation
  • Appearing Before Committees
  • Informing and Persuading
  • Partnerships for Seismic Safety
  • Working with Experts
  • Effective Risk Communication
  • Using the Media

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Course 1

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