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Maryland Ethics, Rules, and Laws for Professional Land Surveyors

Credit: 2 PDH Hours
Course Fee: $30.00
33 pages

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Course Author: Franco F. Davati, P.E.

Course Summary:

Maryland State Board of Land Surveyors is separated from Maryland State Board of Engineers now.

The new law requires that all licensed professional land surveyors and property line surveyors comply with continuing professional competency (CPC) requirements as a prerequisite to their license renewal.

A. A licensee shall complete, as a condition of a license renewal in each individual 2-year renewal cycle, a minimum of 24 CPC units earned from the participation in and upon completion of qualifying activities described in Regulation .04.

B. A minimum of 4 CPC units in every individual 2-year renewal cycle shall be earned from the participation in and upon completion of qualifying activities with content areas related to the following

  1. Minimum Standards of Practice;
  2. Legal cases, commentaries, and other related materials as they apply to the law of land boundaries in Maryland;
  3. The awareness of ethical concerns and conflicts;
  4. An enhanced familiarity with the codes of conduct;
  5. An understanding of standards of practice or care; or
  6. Similar topics aimed at maintaining, improving, or expanding the skills set and knowledge necessary to practice land surveying services or property line surveying services in the most ethical and responsible manner.

This course will satisfy 2 CPC (or 2 PDH). This course along with our “General Ethics Standards for Professional Engineers and land Surveyors (3 PDH) will satisfy the Minimum 4 CPC of section B.


In this PDH or CPC online course, we have gathered all the Title 15, Business Occupations and Professions, Annotated Code of Maryland for this course.

Learning Objective:

The purpose of this PDH or CPC course is for the Maryland Land Surveyors become familiar with the new rules and laws in the state of Maryland.

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This online PDH course can also be used as a continuing education course for the following.

Land Surveyors

Rules, Laws and Ethics

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