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Improving Process Heating System Performance

Credit: 11 PDH
Course Fee: $165.00
78 pages

Course Summary:

This course provides process heating system stakeholders with a reference describing basic process heating processes and equipment, and outlines opportunities for energy and performance improvements. The course also discusses the merits of using a systems approach in identifying and implementing these improvement opportunities. It is not intended to be a comprehensive technical text on improving process heating systems, but serves as a document that raises awareness of potential performance improvement opportunities, provides practical guidelines, and offers suggestions on where to find additional help. The course consists of the following sections:

Section 1: Process Heating System Basics
For users unfamiliar with the basics of process heating systems, or for users seeking a refresher, a brief discussion of the equipment, processes, and applications is provided.

Section 2: Performance Improvement Opportunities
This section discusses key factors for improving the performance of process heating systems.

Section 3: Best Practices Process Heating Performance Improvement Tools
This section describes several resources and tools developed through the best practices initiative within DOE’s Industrial Technologies Program.

Section 4: Process Heating System Economics
To support the improvement opportunities presented in Section 2, this section provides recommendations to justify process heating improvement projects using economic reasoning.

Section 5: Where to Find Help
In addition to a comprehensive listing of resources and tools, this section contains a directory of associations and other organizations engaged in enhancing process heating system efficiency.

Learning Objective:

  • Process Heating System Basics
    • Overview
    • Systems Approach
    • Components of a Typical Process Heating System
    • Common Types of Process Heating Systems and Equipment
    • Process Heating Equipment Classification
    • Process Heating Energy Sources
    • Basic Process Heating Operations
  • Performance Improvement Opportunities
    • Heat Generation
    • Heat Transfer
    • Heat Containment
    • Heat Recovery
    • Enabling Technologies
  • Best Practices Process Heating Performance Improvement Tools
    • Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (PHAST)
    • NOx Emission Assessment Tool (NxEAT)
    • The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System Application Toolfor the Process Heating Industry
  • Process Heating Systems Economics
    • Understanding Corporate Priorities
    • Measuring the Dollar Impact of Efficiency
    • Presenting the Finance of Efficiency
    • Relating Efficiency to Corporate Priorities
    • Call to Action
  • Where to Find Help
    • The Industrial Technologies Program and Best Practices
    • Directory of Contacts
    • Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA)
    • Other Process Heating System Contacts
    • Resources and Tools

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Course Content

Course Author: US Department of Energy

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