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How to Use Wind Energy to Power Your House

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Course Summary:

Wind energy systems are one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems. Depending on your wind resource, a small wind energy system can lower your electricity bill by 50% to 90%, help you avoid the high costs of extending utility power lines to remote locations, prevent power interruptions, and it is nonpolluting.

This course ‘Small wind electric systems’ can make a significant contribution to our nation’s energy needs. Although wind turbines large enough to provide a significant portion of the electricity needed by the average U.S. home generally require one acre of property or more, approximately 21 million U.S. homes are built on one-acre and larger sites, and 24% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas. A small wind electric system will work if:

  • There is enough wind where you live
  • Tall towers are allowed in your neighborhood or rural area
  • You have enough space
  • You can determine how much electricity you need or want to produce
  • It works for you economically.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with the basic information about small wind electric systems.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • How Can I Make My Home More Energy Efficient?
  • Is Wind Energy Practical for Me?
  • What Size Wind Turbine Do I Need?
  • What are the Basic Parts of a Small Wind Electric System?
  • What Do Wind Systems Cost?
  • Where Can I Find Installation and Maintenance Support?
  • How Much Energy Will My System Generate?
  • Is There Enough Wind on My Site?
  • How Do I Choose the Best Site for My Wind Turbine?
  • Can I Connect My System to the Utility Grid?
  • Can I Go “Off-Grid”?
  • Glossary of Terms

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: US Department of Energy

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