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Workplace Safety

Credit: 4 PDH or CE Hours #CILB Provider 0005904 Approved Course No. 0613237
Course Fee: $36.00
59 pages

Course Summary:

This course is comprised of a series of fall protection and workplace safety booklets and brochures issued by OSHA. The topics are listed individually, and the quiz questions have been taken from different topics.

Learning Objective:

By the end of this course the licensee will have learned the significant changes in Florida Building Code 2017 6th Edition from chapter 1 to Chapter 6.

  • Why Does OSHA Have a Standard for Fall Protection?
  • What is Sub part M?
  • What are Employers’ Responsibilities to provide Fall Protection?
  • When must employers provide Fall Protection?
  • What construction areas and activities does Subpart M cover
  • What kinds of Fall Protection should employers use?
  • Examples of Fall Protection Requirements for Certain Construction Activities.
    • Leading Edges.
    • Overhand Bricklaying and Related Work.
    • Roofing Work on Low-Slope Roofs.
    • Working on Steep Roofs.
    • Residential Construction.
    • Other Walking or Working Surfaces.
  • Conventional Fall Protection Systems.
    • Guardrail Systems.
    • Safety Net Systems.
    • Personal Fall Arrest Systems.
    • Personal Fall Arrest System Components.
  • Positioning Device Systems.
  • Fall Restraint Systems.
  • Additional Fall Protection Systems.
  • Warning Line Systems.
  • Controlled Access Zones.
  • Safety Monitoring Systems.
  • Ladders and electricity
  • Fall prevention training

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: Franco F. Davati, P.E.


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