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Environmental Engineering for Flood Control Channels

Credit: 10 PDH
Course Fee: $90.00
97 pages

Course Summary:

This course pertains to projects that involve modifications of natural stream channels to reduce damages due to flooding, bed scour, or bank erosion. The emphasis of this manual is on channels not open to commercial navigation. Channel modifications for flood and erosion control include clearing and snagging; channel straightening; channel enlargement; stream bank protection; channel 1 lining; and construction of grade control structures, culverts, levees, and floodwalls. This manual covers some of the principal environmental factors that should be considered in projects that involve stream channel modification, as well as opportunities for incorporating environmental features for attaining environmental quality objectives.

Learning Objective:

By the end of this course the participants will have guidance for incorporating environmental considerations in the planning, engineering, design, and construction of flood control channels, levees, and associated structures.

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Course Content

Course Author: US Army Corp of Engineers

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