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Construction Surveying - Earthwork

Credit: 2 PDH
Course Fee: $24.00
11 pages

Course Summary:

In road, railroad, and airfield construction, the movement of large volumes of earth (earthwork) is one of the most important construction operations. It requires a great amount of engineering effort.

The planning, scheduling, and supervising of earthwork operations are of major importance in obtaining an efficiently operated construction project. To plan a schedule, the quantities of clearing, grubbing, and stripping, as well as the quantities and positions of cuts and fills, must be known.

Learning Objective:

Upon completion of this course the participant would know:

  • The most efficient type and number of pieces of earthmoving equipment that can be chosen for the task.
  • The proper number of personnel assigned, and the appropriate time allotted for the task.
  • The determination of final grades, the balancing of cuts and fills, and the planning of the most economical haul of material.
  • How to compute earthwork volumes.

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Course Content

Course Author: US Army Corps of Engineers

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