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Building Performance and Damage Investigation after 4 Hurricanes

Credit: 4 PDH
Course Fee: $60.00
68 pages

Course Summary:

This is a very comprehensive course and technical report regarding Hurricane Charley and its damage on different types of structures and buildings.

Learning Objective:

Discussion of the same type of building structure reacting differently to the hurricane forces, by taking precautionary steps and adding new structural futures to the building. How building structures reacted differently based on their design and their building code. Discussing and comparison of how the FBC 2001 Code has improved the overall building structural integrity and strength in all different types of buildings and residential structures + over 200 color slides +…many more interesting topics. The conclusion and recommendation of this report are intended to provide information and technical guidance that can be used to reduce future hurricanes damage.

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Course Content

Course Author: Department of Housing and Urban Development

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