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Wood - Physical Properties

Credit: 3 PDH
Course Fee: $27.00
25 pages

Course Summary:

Wood exchanges moisture with air; the amount and direction of the exchange (gain or loss) depend on the relative humidity and temperature of the air and the current amount of water in the wood. This moisture relationship has an important influence on wood properties and performance. This chapter discusses the physical properties of most interest in the design of wood products.

Learning Objective:

  • Appearance
  • Plainsawn and Quartersawn
  • Moisture Content
  • Sorption Hysteresis
  • Shrinkage
  • Transverse and Volumetric
  • Longitudinal
  • Moisture-Shrinkage Relationship
  • Weight, Density, and Specific Gravity
  • Working Qualities
  • Decay Resistance
  • Thermal Properties
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient
  • Electrical Properties
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Nuclear Radiation

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Course Content

Course Author: US Forest Services

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