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Wood - Finishing

Credit: 4 PDH
Course Fee: $36.00
38 pages

Course Summary:

The primary function of any wood finish (paint, varnish, and stain, for example) is to protect the wood surface, help maintain a certain appearance, and provide a cleanable surface. Although wood can be used both outdoors and indoors without finishing, unfinished wood surfaces exposed to the weather change color, are roughened by photo degradation and surface checking, and erode slowly. Unfinished wood surfaces exposed indoors may also change color; moreover, unfinished wood is more difficult to clean than is finished wood.

Learning Objective:

  • Factors Affecting Finish Performance
  • Control of Water or Moisture in Wood
  • Types of Exterior Wood Finishes
  • Application of Wood Finishes
  • Finish Failure or Discoloration
  • Finishing of Interior Wood
  • Finishes for Items Used for Food
  • Wood Cleaners and Brighteners
  • Paint Strippers
  • Lead Based Paint

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Course Content

Course Author: US Forest Services

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