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Wood - Based Composites and Panel Products

Credit: 3 PDH
Course Fee: $27.00
32 pages

Course Summary:

Because wood properties vary among species, between trees of the same species, and between pieces from the same tree, solid wood cannot match reconstituted wood in the range of properties that can be controlled in processing. When processing variables are properly selected, the end result can sometimes surpass nature’s best effort. With solid wood, changes in properties are studied at the cellular level. With reconstituted wood materials, changes in properties are studied at the fiber, particle, flake, or veneer level. Combining, reorganizing, or stratifying these elements can change properties of such materials.

Learning Objective:

  • Types of Conventional Composite Materials
  • Adhesive Considerations
  • Additives
  • General Manufacturing Issues
  • Standards for Wood Based Panel
  • Plywood
  • Particle and Fiber Composites
  • Wood & Non-wood Composites

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Course Content

Course Author: US Forest Services

Course 1

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