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Typical Costs of Seismic Rehab of Existing Buildings

Credit: 8 PDH
Course Fee: $72.00
80 pages

Course Summary:

This technical material is contained in a trilogy, with supporting documentation, completed in 1989:

  1. a method for the rapid identification of buildings that might be hazardous in the event of an earthquake which can be conducted without gaining access to the buildings themselves;
  2. a methodology for a more detailed evaluation of buildings that identifies structural flaws that have caused collapse in past earthquakes and might do so again in future earthquakes, and
  3. a compendium of the most commonly used techniques of seismic rehabilitation.

Learning Objective:

  • Summary results
  • Cost considerations and definitions
  • Cost database
  • Determination of typical costs

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Course Content

Course Author: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Course 1

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