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How to start a part time/full time consulting engineering business on a shoestring

Excellent!!, Mr. Davati, the seminar you offered gave me added insight into what more I can do in my chosen profession….I am a structural Engineer. The seminar presentation was never boring as compared to other seminars I have attended.
I would certainly recommend my fellow engineers to attend this very informative seminar.

Armando G. Pablo, P.E. Structural Engineer

The class was well organized and instruction materials being very visual, it was easy to understand. The first portion of the class was very informative for some one thinking of starting a small business. Great way to enhance my world of design engineering and application.

P.B. Desai. P.E., Mechanical Engineer

Enjoyed the class overall. It is a good lead into a different field for almost any engineering discipline.

Frances Willison, P.E., Civil Engineer

The information was very informative and practical. It was presented in a very clear manner and contained many useful examples of what works and does not. I would have no hesitation in recommending this class to anyone considering becoming a consulting engineer.

Charles Morrin, P.E., Mechanical Engineer.

Highly informative course material and excellent discussion of the topics.

Matthew Jurick, P.E . Mechanical Engineer


Chi Onwuchekwa, P.E. Petroleum/Natural Gas-Environmental Engineer

Enjoyable, informative, entertaining

Joseph Kilchrist, P.E., Petroleum Engineer

It was informative and interesting

Ralph Pendarvis, P.E., Industrial Engineer

It was very educational

Hartley Chevalier, P.E., Civil Engineer

It was well presented. Subject in general was interesting

Carroll T. Leech, P.E., Structural Engineer

Very Good

Gary W. Willison, P.E. Electrical Engineer

Very good. Tough to keep interesting for 8 hrs, but instructor did a very good job. Subject matter is much more extensive that I realized.

Ottis Ray Lester, P.E., Civil Engineer

Very worthwhile!

Peter Marshal, P.E., Structural-marine Engineer

It is well organized. Lots of information

TA-Ming Hsu, P.E. Civil Engineer


Chi Onwuchekwa, P.E. Petroleum/Natural Gas-Environmental Engineer

Learned Something

Harris Smith, P.E. Electrical Engineer

Class was very informative I was amazed at technical information, data, software, etc. in the field of Forensic engineering

James E. Sternenberg, P.E., Mechanical Engineer

I enjoyed the class it opened my eyes to new prospects

Mr. Franco seems a very capable and knowledgeable professional, who does not carry himself as most other instructors. Hope we see him more in the future.

It was worth the money I paid.

Engineering Catastrophes, Diasasters and Forensic Engineering

Excellent overview of engineering marvels and obstacles. Good assessment of where engineering & how it benefits mankind. Got a better understanding and appreciation for considering safe and practical designs in my line of work. Received value for conducting root cause failure analysis when encountering failures at work.

Joe Torres

I will recommend this class to other Engrs., also, it would be a good presentation to graduating Engr. students to give them the feel of responsibility.

Robert Jones

Very generally informative. Probably renewed everyone’s realization that detail in quality assurance is key to meeting engineering goals.

Michael McNeely

I thought the class presented a reasonable introduction to Forensic Engineering. Having been in a Forensic Engineering practice for over 21 years there are many facts you only learn by experience. But for someone interested in getting started this is a good basin.

Rodney G. Fuchs, P.E.

Very informative. Instructor moved the class along with a good pace. The weekend seminar was very helpful to me. I am very happy with all aspects of the course.

J. Fletcher Kelly

Great Class ! I found my next engineering career! Thanks

Bret Babbit

Very informative and very good.

Abdul Muallem

I was completely satisfied with the presentation. I am sure that I sign up for another seminar.

Gerald Prickette

A very interesting class glad I attended.

Tim Marshall

Satisfied with the class very informative and interesting.

Corzier Brown

Very interesting, varied subject matter, useful information for the courtroom.

Lowell Cummings

I liked it very much. You have an impressive amount of information and knowledge of your presentation. Less talk and more video presentation in my opinion is much more interesting and informative.

Jim Wegnon

Good and informative .

Issak Tealitskly

I enjoyed the class. Time passed quickly without too much wasted time.

Roger Biggers

Very informative and covers the subject matter well.

Gregory Baumbach

The class was informative and the videos were entertaining. The different subjects covered were new to me. I enjoyed seeing other points of view.

Interesting, informative, entertaining.

Jesse Garcia

It was a great class.

D. Niroomandi

Very good subject material and well presented. Good interaction between speaker and attendants.

A well developed and concise seminar.

Good balanced subject matter. Provided a good overview for engineers interested in future sessions.

Very good, interesting videos.

Richard Poremba

– Very good. – make sure to vary the videos across time so that it stays interesting. The course can be retaken by me.

I liked the class overall. I enjoyed the video presentation.

It was very interesting. I would have preferred more background information on the engineering involved. More personal experience from Franco on what it takes in being an engineering expert within the current judiciary system would have been very interesting. I think that the video on engineering ethics was very appropriate.

Carol Talton

I thought the class was very informative, educational and entertaining. The class did feel as long as it was. Thanks !!!

Very educational, meet the requirement for continuing education for P.E. Give a example, form a group of 5 and let them do forensic engineering for about 30 minutes.

Ghulam ( Ali) Barkatally

I felt the lay out was good along with the treats. The instructor was open to questions and gave little incite as to things actually work in real world. Thanks

Enjoyed it.

R.A. Betz

I found the whole subject very interesting and would encourage others to consider taking it.

This class provided a variety of real life situation and makes you think.

The seminar delivered as promised. Entertaining, informative, no nonsense. I learned something I could use, and the provided CD Rom will be a good resource for the future.

Frank G. Hill

Thought the video was a great way to convey your message to me, the videos keep me more alert & attentive.

Good presentation. The combination of video and spoken remarks kept my interest.

Very entertaining, informative and covered subject well. Great Job

I liked the class and learned new things as well.

Eddy Trevino

I found it beneficial & entertaining.

Craig Floyd

Fairly Comprehensive.

Donald G. Oliver


Monroe Voyies

The material was interesting and well presented.

The material was interesting and well presented.

Craig Floyd

This kind of presentation is more practical and helpful. I gather more information and better knowledge out of this method of seminar.

Krishna S. Chandra

The class was well presented. A wide area of the material covered the presentation beautifully. It was easy to grasp the point. Your Character was easy to comprehend. The class was well arranged and you covered the material very thoroughly. Excellent

Richard T. Logan

Very good- Mix of movie and break was very important and avoided boredom. A good approach that covered real life scenarios with emphasis in life safety.

Bob Robards

Very good overall. I would like to see more emphasis placed on specific case in failure analysis. I found the studies on automobile fires and failures most interesting. The studies of movie failures most interesting. I would be interested in any information on aircraft failure analysis. I think that you probably have a lot of experience in this field. Overall- Very Good.

William T. Boelte