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Test Method for Calculating the Energy Efficiency of Single Voltage External Ac-Dc and Ac-Ac Power Supplies

Credit: 1 PDH
Course Fee: $9.00
11 pages

Course Summary:

This course specifies a test method for calculating the energy efficiency of single voltage external ac-dc and ac-ac power supplies, herein referred to collectively as “power supplies”. Power supplies are designed to convert line voltage ac into the low voltage output (either ac or dc) typically required by laptop computers, cordless and cellular phones, portable stereos, etc. External power supplies are contained in a separate housing from the product they are powering. These external power supplies are often referred to as “ac adapters”.

Learning Objective:

The purpose of this test procedure is to establish a standardized method that can be used worldwide to measure the efficiency of single voltage external ac-dc and ac-ac power supplies across a full range of load conditions.

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Course Content

Course Author: Chris Calwell, Suzanne Foster, and Travis Reeder, Ecos Consulting Arshad Mansoor, Power Electronics Application Center (EPRI-PEAC).

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