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Surveying and Mapping with Drones

Quiz Questions

1. The advantage of a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over LIDAR is:
UAVs offer a cost effective alternative with far more flexibility
Being able to get into the air quickly and without as much logistic support
All of the above
2. The disadvantage of a drone over compared to LIDAR is:
A drone cannot go beyond visual line-of sight (BLOS)
A drone cannot map for example a 10,000 acres corn field
You must receive 333 exemptions from the FAA
All of the above
3. The possibilities of the drones are that they can be utilized along with:
Point cloud
Conversion of point cloud data
All of the above
4. The FAA 333 Exemptions have given people a glimpse of how these tools can supplement processes and procedures they’re already using while also creating new opportunities.
5. The much lower costs have democratized the technology and allow many more people access to surveying tools. Because of this, drones __________ to change the term of "mapping" or surveying" and broaden them in a powerful manner.
Have the chance
Do not have the chance
6. WITH RESTRICTIONS LIMITING how drones can be utilized, many have struggled to see a return on their UAV investment, while others are already leery around the implications of the technology.

The drone technology ______________ the mapping industry the way Uber has changed the way people get around and the way PayPal changed the way of payment.

Can completely disrupt
Cannot affect
8. Beyond the visual line of site (BLOS) is something that really makes UAVs a niche because of
The impact on the cost when you can fly within half a mile of the bay station.
No need of logistic planning compared to operating an aircraft.
All of the above
9. One of the advantages of UAVs is going across utility corridors like gas lines. Using helicopters for that kind of work is
really expensive
Have never been done before.
10. One of the disadvantages of UAVs is, when you have to fly beyond the line-of-sight, you have to Land and take off, land and take off. That defeats the whole economy of the UAV.