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Surveying and Mapping Manual

Quiz Questions

1. __________ Committee ensure that the quality of the survey equipment meets the needs of the department for precision, reliability and durability.
None of the above
2. ______________ is an undulating surface represented by extending the earth’s mean sea level through the land areas.
Geoidal separation
3. The GPS satellites orbit around the earth every 11 hours and 58 minutes in a constellation consisting of ____ groups, each containing _____ satellites.
4. The collimation constant, "C," represents the inclination of a line of sight of a level from the true horizontal. Therefore C is dimensionless.
5. An ___________ is an assemblage of two or more individual overlapping aerial photographs to form a single continuous picture of an area. Fill the blank with appropriate term.
Aerial Map
Aerial Mosaic
Aerial footage
None of the above
6. Survey crews are exposed to potentially hazardous situations which could lead to serious personal injuries or property damage if safety measures are not taken in connection with ____________ .
Equipment and traffic
All the above
7. When staking clearing and grubbing, attempts should be made to preserve trees and plant life of aesthetic value provided that the end result will not become hazardous to the traveling public.
8. The construction plan sheets contain the following items of interest to the surveyor staking the project.
Proposed alignments
Right-of-Way and temporary easements
The location and ratios of lane tapers
All the above
9. The standard _______ delineate the staking requirements (intervals, information to include, type of staking, tolerance, abbreviations used) for a Mn/DOT construction project.
Staking sheets
Information sheets
Requirement sheets
None of the above
10. A. Some survey tasks are not directly mentioned but, rather, are implied or assumed to be included as part of another task
B.Therefore surveyor must do only the work that is directly mentioned not the implied tasks.
A is true , B is true
A is true, B is false
A is false , B is false
11. Which of the following is not a Personal Protective Equipment?
High visibility safety vests/clothing.
High visibility head gear (soft cap and hard hat).
Safety brown belt
Safety protective eyewear
12. For _______ Check, clean and adjust all connections on the tripod to be sure they are tight. Adjust the hinged legs located under the head with enough tension so that each leg when raised to a horizontal position and dropped will fall slowly.
All the above
13. _____________ is a process by which survey data is identified and explained using standard symbols and abbreviation and it includes a field check to verify the map compilation on the ground.
None of the above
14. Surveying and mapping equipment is generally classified into two categories for purchase and inventory purposes, one is Fixed Asset equipment and other is _________________ .
Temporary equipment
Coded Equipment
Non-coded equipment
None of the above
15. The ________________ is defined as a method of showing the relief of a given surface area by imaginary lines connecting points of equal elevation.
Contour method
Terrain method
Cross-section method
None of the above
16. ______________ is the variation in the elevation of the ground surface. On a topographic map, it is depicted by hatching or shading, or, more accurately, by contours or by spot elevations or both.
Differential distance
17. The ______________, sometimes referred to as the contour sheets, depicts the proposed final contours for the project.
Relief plan
Cross-section plan
Grading plan
Final plan
18. __________ is the art and science of making accurate measurements from aerial photography.
Aerial mosaic
19. Which of the following are uses of aerial photography?
Airport updates
Wetland inventory
Both a and b
None of the above
20. Ideally, right of way should be monumented and marked prior to construction and maintained throughout.