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Summary of Federal Regulations for Underground Storage Tank Systems

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40 pages

Course Summary:

Over one million underground storage tank systems (USTs) in the United States contain petroleum or hazardous substances regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Many of these USTs have leaked or are currently leaking. More USTs will leak unless owners and operators make sure their USTs meet the requirements described in this booklet.

Learning Objective:

  • Tables Showing Basic UST Requirements and Deadlines
  • What Do New Petroleum USTs Need?
  • What Do Existing Petroleum USTs Need?
  • What Do You Do About UST Releases?
  • How Do You Close USTs?
  • What Do You Need To Report?
  • What Records Must You Keep?
  • For Hazardous Substance USTs Only
  • Industry Codes and Standards
  • Organizations to Contact for UST Information
  • Publications and Videos about USTs
  • State Contacts for UST Information

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