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Strategies for Characterizing Subsurface Releases of Gasoline Containing MTBE II

Credit: 12 PDH
Course Fee: $108.00
128 pages

Course Summary:

This course uses the principles of risk-informed decision making to guide the evaluation of sites affected by MTBE or other oxygenates. It includes an introduction to the properties and uses of MTBE, provides guidance for conducting assessments at MTBE release sites, and reviews modern assessment tools and techniques for characterizing and monitoring MTBE in the subsurface. While the primary focus of this study is on MTBE, other fuel oxygenates are also addressed.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • MTBE and other fuel oxygenates
  • Risk-informed decision making and MTBE Assessment
  • MTBE assessment and monitoring

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Course Content

Course Author: American Petroleum Institute

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