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Standard Practice for Shotcrete

Quiz Questions

1.Shotcrete has been referred to by such terms as Gunite, formerly a tradename for pneumatically applied mortar or concrete, sprayed concrete, spraycrete, air-blown mortar and concrete, gunned concrete, and others.
2. _______________ is a substance which, when added to concrete, mortar, or grout, increases the rate of hydration of a hydraulic cement; shortens the time of setting; or increases the rate of hardening or strength development, or both.
3.________________ is a hose through which shotcrete passes; also known as a material or conveying hose.
Navigation Hose
Delivery Hose
4.________________ is a material other than water, aggregate, hydraulic cement, or fiber reinforcement used as an ingredient of concrete or mortar and added to the concrete immediately before or during its mixing.
5.Air Pipe Perforated manifold in the nozzle of wet-mix shotcrete equipment through which high-pressure air is introduced into the material flow.
6._______________ is a term used to describe the geometry of an individual fiber; it is the ratio of the length of a fiber to the equivalent diameter; the equivalent diameter is that circular area that is equal in area to the cross-sectional area of the fiber.
Aspect Ratio
Air Ratio
7.Shotcrete is advantageous in situations when formwork is cost prohibitive or impractical and where forms can be reduced or eliminated, access to the work area is difficult, thin layers or variable thicknesses are required, or normal casting techniques cannot be employed.
8.________________ is a light coat of shotcrete used to cover minor blemishes on a concrete surface applied from a distance greater than normal.
Finish Coat
Flash Coat
9.Gunite is a method of applying dry-mix shotcrete; term sometimes used for dry-mix shotcrete.
10.________________ is a flared shotcrete nozzle having a larger diameter at midpoint than either inlet or outlet; also called a premixing tip.
Hamm Tip
11.Nozzle is a metal or rubber tip attached to the discharge end of a heavy, thick-wall rubber hose from which a continuous stream of shotcrete is ejected onto the placement.
12.Shotcrete delivery equipment in which a pressurized air stream conveys material is called ________________.
Dynamic Feed
Pneumatic Feed
13._________________ is a sharp-edged tool used to trim shotcrete to a finished outline.
Trim Saw
Cutting Screed
14. Aggregate and cement or wet shotcrete which bounces away from a surface against which shotcrete is being projected is called ________________.
15.________________ is a zone in concrete or mortar containing sand without cement.
Gunning Zone
Sand Pocket
16.Sloughing is a Subsidence of shotcrete, plaster, or the like, due generally to excessive water in the mixture; also called sagging.
17._______________ is a device in the nozzle body of dry-mix shotcrete equipment through which water is added to the materials.
Wet-Mix Ring
Water Ring
18.Positive Displacement Concrete Pump is wet-mix shotcrete delivery equipment in which the material is pushed through the material hose in a solid mass by a piston, auger, or other displacement type equipment.
19.In building repairs, ________________ is commonly used for repair of fire and earthquake damage and deterioration, strengthening walls, and encasing structural steel for fireproofing.
20.What does AEA stand for?
Air-Entraining Admixtures
Air-Entraining Agency
Air-Environmental Admixtures
None of the above