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Recommended Seismic Evaluation of Welded Designs

Credit: 20 PDH
Course Fee: $180.00
256 pages

Course Summary:

These recommended seismic evaluation and upgrade criteria are intended as a resource document for organizations engaged in developing and updating guidelines and standards for seismic evaluation and upgrade of steel moment-frame buildings. Professional engineers and researchers, based on the findings of a large multi-year program of investigation and research into the performance of steel moment-frame structures, have developed these criteria. Development of these recommended criteria was not subjected to a formal consensus review and approval process, nor was formal review or approval obtained from SEAOC’s technical committees. However, it did include broad external review by practicing engineers, researchers, fabricators, erectors, inspectors, building officials, and the producers of steel and welding consumables. In addition, two workshops were convened to obtain direct comment from these stakeholders on the proposed recommendations.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • Evaluation overview
  • Performance evaluation
  • Loss estimation
  • Seismic upgrade
  • Connection qualification

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Course Content

Course Author: Federal Emergency Management Agency

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