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Radar Principles

Credit: 20 PDH
Course Fee: $180.00
204 pages

Course Summary:

This course is organized into subject matter areas, each containing learning objectives to help you determine what you should learn along with text and illustrations to help you understand the information. The subject matter reflects day-to-day requirements and experiences of personnel in the rating or skill area. It also reflects guidance provided by Enlisted Community Managers (ECMs) and other senior personnel, technical references, instructions, etc., and either the occupational or naval standards, which are listed in the Manual of Navy Enlisted Manpower Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards.

Learning Objective:

  • Radar Fundamentals
  • Radar Subsystems
  • Radar Indicators and Antennas
  • Radar System Maintenance

Review the quiz before studying the course.

Course Content

Course Author: US Navy

Course 1

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