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Quality of Highway Runoff Water in Austin, Texas Area

Quiz Questions

1. For this study The water samples were collected from
a storm drain inlet located along the gutter of a curbed section of the three southbound lanes.
Any pool of water that they could find near the highway.
2. The average daily volume of traffic at, Mopac at west 35th street, site was approximately 60,000 vehicles per day, ranging from a maximum of 6,000 vehicles per hour to a minimum of about 100 vehicles per hour.
3. The collected samples were analyzed according to the methodology specified by the U.S.
Environmental protection agency ( EPA)
4. Grassy swales are vegetated ditches which have gentle slopes and cover large areas of land. Swales have been shown in studies to effectively remove many constituents from highway runoff.
5. Although concentrations were somewhat higher at the beginning of runoff events at the sites monitored in this study, the effect was not pronounced. Concentrations stabilized at elevated levels resulting in a continuous input of pollutant load for the duration of the event. Decisions about the size of proposed runoff controls should be based on the assumption that storm water runoff has a constant concentration for each storm event.
6. In addition, vehicles provided a continuous input of pollutants to the road surface and runoff for the duration of runoff events.
7. In considering the potential effectiveness of storm water treatment systems, constant concentrations for individual storm events should be assumed.
8. This portion of the research study focused on the characterization of the quantity and quality of runoff from existing sections of the MoPac expressway and estimation of the pollutant loads resulting from runoff from existing and newly completed sections of highway under different vehicle use patterns.
Pollutant loads
Clean loads
9. The information developed in this study should result in improvement in the design of ________ for highway storm water runoff.
Drainage and treatment systems
The road and reservoir
10. The monitoring system installed at MoPac at 35th Street was in operation From:
October 2013 through July 2014
October 1993 through July 1995
October 2010 through July 2012