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Planning and Processing Surveys for Civil Works Projects

Credit: 4 PDH
Course Fee: $36.00
33 pages

Course Summary:

Providing quality hydrographic data on dredging, navigation, and flood control projects requires careful planning and evaluation of all phases of the process. Those process considerations include:

  • Basic identification of areas to be surveyed and the conditions under which they will be surveyed, use of in-house hired labor or Architect-Engineer (A-E) service contract forces.
  • Dredging performance and time constraints
  • The most appropriate equipment to collect the data, data density requirements, development of a general survey plan and subsequent site specific survey plans
  • Data processing, data presentation, and data archival and retrieval
  • Other general factors to be considered might include geodetic survey methods, hydrographic survey methods, computer systems design, acceptable vessel modifications, safe vessel operation, and regional knowledge of survey conditions

Learning Objective:

  • Guidance in performing hydrographic surveys for engineering and construction
  • Planning survey coverage
  • Data processing, editing, and plotting options
  • USACE standards for survey coverage, processing, and plotting

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Course Content

Course Author: US Army Corps of Engineers

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