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Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami, Florida

Quiz Questions

1. What is the primary material requirement for the bridge superstructure according to the design criteria?
Structural steel
Fracture critical members
Non-redundant materials
2. What is the purpose of an independent peer review for a Category 2 bridge according to FDOT in Florida?
To verify the original work of the EOR
To check the EOR’s plans and calculations
Both of the above
3. What type of element is used to model the steel post-tensioning tendons in a numerical simulation of a post-tensioned member?
A uniaxial compression-only element
A uniaxial tension-compression element

How is the real bonding condition between the concrete and steel post-tensioning tendons simulated in the numerical simulation?

By using an un-bonded formulation
By using a triaxial formulation
By using a bonded formulation

Industry considers redundancy a critical factor in structural design.

6. Which of the following best describes the main span structure of the bridge?
Determinate and redundant
Determinate and non-redundant
Indeterminate and non-redundant
7. What was the recommendation made by TY Lin in the design criteria for the FIU bridge structure?
Use of non-redundant, fracture critical members
Concrete superstructure
Steel superstructure with concrete walking surface
Avoidance of non-redundant structures
8. What was the cause of the cracks on the bridge during construction stage III?
Poor maintenance
Insufficient materials
Deficient structural design
Incorrect construction techniques
9. Figure below shows the construction joint detail at deck.
Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami, Florida
10. The dotted lines in this figure belowdepicts what?
Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami, Florida - 1
Truss of the bridge
Potential line of crack
11. What did the EOR acknowledge during the meeting with project participants about the cracks in the bridge?
The cracks were not a safety concern
The EOR had a solution to the cracks
The cracks were not growing in size
The EOR did not know why the cracks were occurring
12. Why was SW 8th Street closed immediately after the cracks on the bridge were found?
Due to safety concerns
To reduce the traffic
For maintenance work
To increase the bridge’s longevity
13. What was the role of BPA in the construction project of the bridge?
To provide construction materials
To design the bridge
To oversee construction and inspect the bridge
To maintain the bridge
14. Why did MCM defer to the decision of EOR in regards to the cracks in the bridge?
MCM lacked knowledge of the magnitude of the cracks.
MCM did not have any experience in concrete structures
MCM was not informed of the growing size of the cracks
MCM trusted the EOR’s judgement
15. Was the design-build contractor, MCM, aware that the cracks were growing in size before the collapse of the bridge?