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New & Old Electronic Glossary

Quiz Questions

1. The ability of an antenna to radiate or receive more energy in some directions than in others is called _____________________.
2. Accelerating Anode is an electrode charged several thousand volts positive and used to accelerate electrons toward the front of a cathode-ray tube.
3. ___________________ is an electrically excited magnet capable of exerting mechanical force or of performing mechanical work.
Electrical field
4. The current in an electrical circuit is directly proportional to the electromotive force in the circuit is known as _________________.
Ohm’s Law
Kirchhoff’s Law
5. Hertz is a spirally wound transmission line used in a traveling-wave tube to delay the forward progress of the input traveling wave.
6. Magnetic field is defined as a region in which the magnetic forces created by a permanent magnet or by a current-carrying conductor or coil can be detected.
7. The difference between the highest usable frequency of a device (upper frequency limit) and the lowest usable frequency of the device (lower frequency limit) – measured at the half-power points is called ____________________.
High frequency
8. ____________________ is a region in a semiconductor where essentially all free electrons and holes have been swept out by the electrostatic field which exists there.
Depletion region
9. E-FIELD is an electric field that exists when a difference in electrical potential causes a stress in the dielectric between two points.
10. _________________ is a term used to describe the total force exerted by an action-at-a-distance phenomenon such as gravity upon matter, electric charges acting upon electric charges, and magnetic forces acting upon other magnets or magnetic materials.
Field of force
Electric field
11. Accelerometer is a device that measures the acceleration to which it is subjected and develops a signal proportional to it.
12. BEARING Frequency is an ability of radar to distinguish between targets those are close together in bearing.
13. A circuit that clamps the upper extremity of the output wave-shape to a dc potential of 0 volts is called as a ______________.
Negative clamper
Positive clamper
14. The algebraic sum of the current flowing towards any point in a circuit and the current flowing away from it is zero is called as ____________.
Kirchhoff’s law
Newton’s law
15. The process of enlarging a signal in amplitude (as of voltage or current) is know as Input Impedance.
16. Characteristic impedance is the ratio of voltage to current at any given point on a transmission line represented by a value of impedance.
17. ___________ is the current caused by the relative motion between a conductor and a magnetic field.
Induced Current
Eddy Current
18. Generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy by applying the principle of magnetic induction.
19. ____________ is a filter, used on extremely high-voltage, low-current power supplies and also where the ripple frequency is not critical.
Capacitor filter
Dynamic filter
20. __________ is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.