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Nanotechnology and Sustainability

Credit: 5 PDH
Course Fee: $75.00
27 pages

Course Summary:

The expected future social and economic benefits linked to the area of nanotechnology will also have to include sustainability effects. This course outlines and presents an approach to prospective technology assessment and shaping and critically discusses results of the implementation of this approach to nanotechnology applications. Nanotechnology applications possess a large future potential for eco-efficiency. Nonetheless, potential risks resulting from adverse effects should certainly not be neglected. It is ostensibly the early stages of nanotechnology development that bear enormous leverage on the shaping of nanotechnology applications in line with future sustainability.

Learning Objective:

  • Introduction
  • Stage one: Characterisation of Nanotechnology
    • Characterising production methods in nanotechnology applications
  • Stage two: Evaluation of application contexts – life cycle assessment
    • Case study: "The Ecological efficiency of Nano-Varnish"
    • Case study: "Process innovation within the styrol synthesis"
    • Case study: "Nano-innovations within the display sector"
    • Case study: "Nanoapplications within the lights sector"
    • Case study: "Risk potentials of nanotechnology application"
  • Stage three: Technology shaping for sustainable nanotechnology
  • Conclusion and suggested measures
  • Literature

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Course Content

Course Author: US Department of Commerce

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