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Quiz Questions

1. ________ proposed a Theory X and Theory Y model to explain basic human traits.
Douglas McGregor
Mark Thompson
None of the above
2. Process theories attempt to explain and describe how people start, sustain and direct behaviour aimed at the satisfaction of needs or the reduction of inner tension.
3. Which of the following is not an assumption of Maslow’s hierarchy
Individuals have multiple needs
Needs are ordered into levels, creating a ‘hierarchy’
A need, once satisfied , can still be a need
A need, once satisfied, is no longer a need
4. Which of the following is a Hygiene factor Herzberg’s theory of motivation.
company policies and administration
Increased responsibility
Recognition for achievements
Challenging work
5. ___________ is an attempt to widen jobs by increasing the number of operations in which a job-holder is involved.
Job enrichment
Job enlargement
Job rotation
None of the above
6. Economists, accountants and many managers tend to regard money as a prime motivator.
7. _________ such as those of Maslow and Herzberg, stress the satisfaction of needs
Content theories
Process theories
Context theories
None of the above
8. When people sense inequities in their work they will be aroused to remove the discomfort and restore a state of felt equity to the situation by
Changing work inputs
Changing the comparison points
Leaving the situation
All the above
9. The following figure explains which theory?
Handy’s motivational Calculus
Porter and Lawler’s model
None of the above
10. David McClelland (Studies in Motivation, 1955) identified ______ basic types of motivating needs present in people.