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Mississippi State Board of Engineers and Surveyors Rules, Laws and Ethics

Quiz Questions

1.The terms "consultation, investigation and evaluation" as used in the definition of the practice of engineering set forth in the Law, shall include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. services involving the selection of proper tests to be performed for the purpose of developing design criteria;
  2. forensic engineering services;
  3. services for the purpose of determining causes of failures; and
  4. analyses to provide recommendations for materials to be used in design, or judgment which relates to the acceptability of construction.
2. The term "gross negligence" as used in the Law shall mean the practice of engineering or surveying by a licensee characterized by reckless disregard for the rights, safety, or welfare of others, which could result in injury or damage to life or property or financial loss.
3.The term "misconduct" as used in the Law shall mean
The engineer has been careless in his work.
 The practice of engineering or surveying by a licensee who performs any acts, causes omissions or makes any assertions or representations which are fraudulent, deceitful, or misleading, or which in any manner whatsoever discredits or tends to discredit the profession of engineering and/or surveying.
4.The term "responsible charge" shall mean:
The person who is in charge.
direct control and personal supervision of engineering work or surveying work done by oneself or by others over which the professional engineer or surveyor exercises supervisory authority under an employer-employee relationship.
5.Retired Professional Engineers and Surveyors who have reached the age of ___ by December 31 of the renewal year, and are no longer offering their professional services to the public may request retired status and not be required to pay renewal fees.
6.Retired licensees must annually file a written request and pay an annual $10.00 administrative fee to be listed separately in the Roster. This administrative fee will include the cost of a biennial Roster to be furnished to retired licensees upon written request.
7.Retired licensees are cautioned that should they desire to reenter active practice after five (5) years from their retirement date, or July 1, 1991, whichever is later, they will be subject to reexamination as well as paying back fees in accordance with §73-13-31 of the Law. The reexamination requirement may be waived by the Board provided the retired licensee has continued to legally practice in another jurisdiction from the date of his retirement in Mississippi.
8.Where more than one sheet is bound together in one volume, the licensee who prepared such volume, or under whose direction and control such volume was prepared,
Need to sign and seal every sheet.
may sign, seal and date only the title or index sheet, providing that the signed sheet clearly identifies all of the other sheets comprising the bound volume, and provided that any of the other sheets which were prepared by, or under the direction and control of, another licensee, be signed, and/or sealed and dated by said other licensee.
9.Documents prepared for projects that are designed by other engineers to be built in various locations with few changes, except site adaptation, may be sealed by a Mississippi licensee. Which one of the following should be followed:
Written permission of the original engineer(s) to adapt the documents.
Each sheet of plans, drawings, documents, specifications and reports shall be signed, sealed and dated by the engineer who performed the original design and shall also be signed, sealed and dated by the Mississippi licensee who has reviewed the documents in sufficient depth to fully coordinate and assume responsibility.
Documentation of all changes made to the original documents.
The following written certification shall accompany the seal and signature on each sheet: "I have reviewed this document in sufficient depth to accept full responsibility for its contents and to assure code compliance and coordination."
All of the above
10.The failure on the part of any licensee to renew his certificate annually in the month of December as required above, shall not deprive such person of the right of renewal, but the fee to be paid for the renewal of a certificate after the month of December shall be increased ten percent (10%) for each month, or fraction of a month, that payment of renewal is delayed. The maximum fee for delayed renewal shall not exceed five (5) times the normal renewal fee. If a licensee fails to renew his certificate for six (6) months or more, the licensee shall be required to submit a new application, paying back fees and submitting proof of continuing professional competency compliance. If the certificate has expired for five (5) years or more, in addition to submitting a new application and proof of continuing professional competency compliance, re-examination in the Principles and Practice of Engineering and/or Surveying will be required. The re-examination requirements may be waived by the Board provided the applicant has continued to legally practice in another jurisdiction from the date of expiration of his certificate.
11.Any person, firm, partnership, organization, corporation or other entity using the words "Engineer" or "Engineering" or "Surveyor" or "Surveying" or any modification or derivative thereof in its name or form of business activity except as authorized in the Law, or any person presenting or attempting to use the certificate of licensure or the seal of another, or any person who shall give any false or forged evidence of any kind to the Board or any member thereof in obtaining or attempting to obtain a certificate of licensure, or any person who shall falsely impersonate any other licensee of like or different name, or any person who shall attempt to use an expired or revoked or nonexistent certificate of licensure, or who shall practice or offer to practice when not qualified, or any person who falsely claims that he is licensed under the Law, or any person who shall violate any of the provisions of the Law, shall be guilty of noncompliance with the Law.
12.Can an engineer, such as a Structural or Mechanical engineer puts his discipline on the seal?
No, Mississippi doesn’t license by discipline, or areas of practice; the license title is Professional Engineer. The Code of Conduct requires the PE to restrict his practice to his area(s) of expertise which he obtained by either education, experience, or both.
13.I have moved since my last communication with the Board. How can I update my contact information?
Log in to your account in our system via our website. To change your personal information, click on General Information (over on the left side) and then click on “Edit Personal Detail”.
14.Can I withdraw a complaint after filing it with the Board?
Yes, you can withdraw.
No, Complaints may not be withdrawn after filing it. Once a complaint is received in the Board office, it becomes the State’s case and only the Board can dispose of it. However, a request to withdraw a complaint may be considered by the Board in determining the appropriate action. Complainants are advised to bear these facts in mind before filing a complaint.