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Michigan Professional Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics

Quiz Questions

1.Upon being licensed as a professional engineer, the licensee shall obtain a seal.
Based on his own design
authorized by the board.
2. Upon being licensed, a licensee shall obtain a seal authorized by the board. As prescribed by the act, the seal of a professional engineer shall have the following design:
Michigan Professional Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics
No other design for a seal shall be used
The engineers can use his own design, as long it has his license number on it.
3.A licensee’s seal shall be used by the
licensee whose name appears thereon for so long as the license remains in effect.
licensee and his colleagues in the same company so long as the license remains in effect.
4.To avoid a conflict of interest, a licensee shall promptly inform, in writing, an employer or client of the licensee or a public body on which the licensee serves of any employment, business association, interest, duty, or circumstance if the employment, business association, interest, duty, or circumstance is with another and involves the current or prospective work assignment of the licensee with that employer, client, or public body.
5.A licensee ______ accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than 1 party for services performed on the same project or assignment, unless the circumstances are fully disclosed to all parties that pay, or are required to approve payment, for the work performed by the licensee.
Shall not
6.A licensee shall undertake to participate only in those phases of a project in which the licensee is competent. In the areas of a project involving architecture, professional engineering, and land surveying in which the licensee lacks competence, the licensee
shall retain licensed professional associates for those phases of that project.
Obtain architecture or land surveying course material and thumb through it himself.
7.On work for which the licensee is responsible, the procedures followed and the decisions made by persons under the licensee’s supervision shall be subject to sustained review and approval by the licensee.
8.The department shall not renew a license if the continuing education requirements have not been completed.
9.Upon getting audit by the Board for continuing education, the license should submit evidence of fulfillment of the continuing education within ______ of a request from the Board
30 days
45 days
10.A licensee shall maintain records of continuing education hours earned for 4 consecutive years. The records shall include the following:
(a)The courses or activities completed, the dates when the courses or activities were held and the duration of the courses or activities, the sponsoring organization, the instructor’s or speaker’s name, and the hours earned.
(b) Verification of attendance at a course or activity, such as completion certificates or other supporting documentation.