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Measurement of Mercury and Heavy Metals Emissions from Fossil- Fired Power Plants

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Course Summary:

As the U.S. and world population grows, energy use increases. Increased energy usage requires an increase in electric power generation, which constitutes one of the major components of the total energy needs. Increased power generation from fossil-fired power plants also results in increased emissions of pollutants, such as NOx, SOx, Hg, heavy metals and particulate matter (PM).

Measurement of mercury and heavy metals emission from fossil-fired power plants
(Courtesy of Marcin Jozwiak the photographer)

Pollution emissions are regulated by Government rules and regulations, which typically require continuous measurement of emissions and periodic calibration of the continuous emission monitoring system (CEMs) using approved reference methods. Instrumentation, techniques, and reference methods for the measurement of NOx and SOx emissions are mature technologies, with well established procedures, accuracy and reliability.

This is a detailed course on Measurement of mercury and heavy metals emissions from fossil- fired power plants, where several related topics like technical approach, stratification testing methods etc. are discussed in detail.

Learning Objective:

The main objectives of this course are:

  • Testing of mercury CEMs under field conditions and comparison against the reference method (OHM).
  • Testing of the Appendix K sorbent trap methods under field conditions and comparison against the reference method (OHM).
  • Field-testing of the EPA Instrumental Reference Method (IRM) for mercury.
  • Comparison of the reference methods and test equipment for Hg measurement developed in the U.S. and EU.
  • Comparison of the reference methods for heavy metals, PM2.5, and PM10 measurement developed in the U.S. and EU.

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Course Content

Course Author: FDA

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