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Managing Solid Waste & Emergency Response

Credit: 3 PDH
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22 pages

Course Summary:

To make waste management more effective, federal, state, tribal, and local governments are adopting an integrated approach to waste management. This strategic approach involves a mix of three waste management techniques: 1) decreasing the amount and/or toxicity of waste that must be disposed of by producing less waste to begin with (source reduction); 2) increasing recycling of materials such as paper, glass, steel, plastic, and aluminum, thus recovering these materials rather than discarding them; and 3) providing safer disposal capacity by improving the design and management of incinerators and landfills. EPA’s continuing mission is to minimize the risks from landfills. The criteria described in this course are an important part of this effort. They establish minimum national standards for landfill design, operation, and management that will enhance landfill safety and boost public confidence in landfills as a component of a workable integrated waste management system.

Learning Objective:

  • Implementation of the Regulations:-Federal, State, tribal & Owner/Operator Responsibilities
  • Exemptions for Small
  • Landfills
  • Complying with the regulations
  • Operation & Design
  • Ground Monitoring and corrective action
  • Closure & Post Closure Care
  • Financial Assistance

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Course Content

Course Author: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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