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Maine State Board of Engineers Rules, Laws and Ethics

Quiz Questions

1.A person who practices or offers to practice the profession of engineering in this State without being licensed or exempted in accordance with this chapter, or a person presenting or attempting to use the license or the seal of another, or a person who gives a false or forged evidence of any kind to the board or to a member of the board in obtaining a license, or a person who falsely impersonates any other licensee of like or different name, or a person who attempts to use an expired or revoked license, or a person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter for which a penalty has not been prescribed commits a civil violation for which a fine of not more than _______ may be adjudged.
2. Any person who is a graduate of an ACBE accredited school of engineering can practicing or offering practice of engineering to public.
3.A person holding a valid license under this chapter on the date of entering employment in the Armed Forces of the Government of the United States during a period of war or employment in any wartime service outside of the continental United States, governmental or otherwise, under the United States or any of its allied nations is exempt, for the duration of that employment, from the payment of all renewal fees, and the licensee’s license remains in full force until the next regular renewal date following the termination of that employment.
4.A licensee who has terminated practice of engineering may apply to the board for retired status. Upon receiving an application for retired status, accompanied by the fee established by the board, the board shall issue a certificate of retired status to the applicant and record the applicant’s name in the roster as a retired licensee, along with the date of retired status.
5.Every professional engineer must provide evidence he has completed ____ continuing professional education hours within the period for which the registration or license was issued.
30 hours
36 hours
6.The board ______________ of an applicant who fails to meet the continuing professional education requirements
May not renew a license
May revoke a license
7.If an applicant subsequently fulfills the requirement after the license has expired, the board may renew the license for the remainder of the 2- year period for which a renewal would have been valid but for the applicant’s failure to meet the continuing professional education requirement.
8.The board shall issue a license upon payment of the licensure fee as provided for in this chapter, to any applicant who, in the opinion of the board, has satisfactorily met all the requirements of this chapter. The license authorizes the practice of _________________ Licenses must show the full name of the licensee, have a serial number and be signed by the chair of the board under seal of the board.
Professional engineering
9.The issuance of a license by the board is evidence that the person named therein is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a licensed professional engineer while the license remains ______________.
Unrevoked or unexpired
10.Each licensee upon licensure may obtain a seal of the design authorized by the board, bearing the licensee’s name and the legend "licensed professional engineer." Plans, specifications, plats and reports issued by a licensee must be stamped with the seal, as prescribed in the rules of the board, during the life of the licensee’s license, but it is _______ for anyone to stamp or seal any document with the seal after the license of the licensee named thereon has expired or has been revoked, unless the license has been renewed or reissued.