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4 PDH Half-Day Engineering Webinar #7

4 PDH Half-Day Engineering Webinar #7

Webinar #63
Credit: 4 PDH Webinar
Webinar Price: $100.00

Course Summary:

This half day Webinar is the combination of Simple Machines Around the House (Webinar #40), Global Telecommunication Network (Webinar #41), Cellular Technology (Webinar #42) and Solar Energy Homes (Webinar #43).

Learning Objective:

By the end of this 4-hour webinar the student

  1. will understand how nothing embodies everyday engineering like simple machines – the basic mechanical devices used for thousands of years that we rely on more than we may realize. Probe the wonders of the inclined plane, screw, wedge, lever, wheel-and-axle, and pulley, and ponder their myriad applications.
  2. will investigate the beauty and complexity of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Optimized for transmission of the human voice, it comprises a vast array of conventional phone lines, fiber-optic cables, microwave links, and other media. Trace its evolution to the remarkable system in use today.
  3. will understand why is cell phone service sometimes so unpredictable? Get inside the cellular network to learn how clever engineering makes a surprisingly large number of two-way conversations possible over a very narrow broadcast spectrum. Also see how the system leads to dead spots, dropped calls, and other familiar cell phone hassles.
  4. will understand how much energy can you save with a properly designed house. Trace the trend in passive solar and net-zero-energy homes that are engineered to stay comfortable year-round by exploiting sunlight in winter and shielding against it in summer, with minimal operating costs.

How to take Webinar

  1. Log into your account first.
  2. Then go to the Live scheduled webinars.
  3. Click on the webinar course that you want, and purchase the webinar.
  4. After a successful payment a "Thank you" page comes up with a link called Watch Webinar. By clicking that link you will be redirected to our webinar course page in Gotowebinar.com for registration. You will be asked to enter your first and last name and your email address for registration. This can be done before or right before webinar starts. (If you are away from your computer, you can watch the webinar on your mobile device. To view the webinar, simply register with your mobile device.)
  5. Go ahead and do register.
  6. You will be receiving emails prior to webinars as reminder.
  7. If somehow you missed and did not register when you received the "Thank you note", a link to the webinar called Watch Webinar will be added on your "Live webinars to take" page in your My Account, to help you to register for the webinar again.
  8. During the webinar students would not have an open microphone. So, all interactive questions will be done via email or live chat.
  9. Approximately 50 minutes after the webinar a copy of your certificate will be in your "completed Live webinars".

Very Simple and Easy!