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4 PDH Half-Day Engineering Accident Investigation Webinar 

4 PDH Half-Day Engineering Accident Investigation Webinar

Webinar #66
Credit: 4 PDH Webinar
Webinar Price: $120.00

Learning Objective:

By the end of this 4-hour webinar the student will understand

  1. Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion
  2. Basic Pipeline Construction
  3. New Mexico Pipeline Disaster
  4. Kansas City Walkway Collapse
  5. Geology Accident Case
  6. Oklahoma City Bombing
  7. DC-10 Engine Failure
  8. Scoharie River Collapse
  9. Kemper Arena Collapse
  10. Earthquake Accident in San Fransisco (full lecture)
  11. UK High Rise Apartment Collapse

How to take Webinar

  1. Log into your account first.
  2. Then go to the Live scheduled webinars.
  3. Click on the webinar course that you want, and purchase the webinar.
  4. After a successful payment a "Thank you" page comes up with a link called "webinar to take".
  5. Click on the "webinar to take". The link will take you to your account.
  6. Click on Watch Webinar in your account to register for this particular webinar.
    By clicking that link you will be redirected to our webinar course page in Gotowebinar.com for registration. You will be asked to enter your first and last name and your email address for registration. After filing your name and email address in the registration form click the "Register" button.
    After your Registration is confirmed you can add it to your calendar as a reminder. You will receive an email for joining the webinar prior to webinar.
  7. If you are away from your computer, you can watch the webinar on your mobile device. To view the webinar, simply register with your mobile device.
  8. During the webinar students would not have an open microphone. So, all interactive questions will be done via email or live chat.
  9. A copy of your certificate will be in your "completed Live webinars".

Very Simple and Easy!


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