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Lighting, HVAC and Plumbing

Quiz Questions

1. The architectural design maximizes the potential for a high-performance building, but it is the engineering design that actually makes the building a high-performance building.
2. Lighting types are divided into four categories. Which one of the following is not one of them?
Ambient lighting
Accent lighting
Road lighting
Task lighting
3. Which of the following represent a indirect light fixture?
Lighting HVAC and Plumbing 1
Lighting HVAC and Plumbing 2
Lighting HVAC and Plumbing 3
None of the above
4. What is the full form of VAV system?
Variable and Volume
Variable air Volume
Variable air Valve
None of the above
5. Combined heat and power systems generate both electricity and heat.
6. Common uses of recycled/reused wastewater include:
(a) Landscape irrigation
(b) Toilet and urinal flush water
(c) Potable water
Both a and b
Both a and c
7. The primary heating energy categories are
Outside air preconditioning
Space reheat
Overcoming envelope heat loss
Heating domestic hot water and process water
All the above
8. Most chillers operate between ____ percent and ____ percent of capacity a majority of the time and rarely operate at full load.
9. Central plants have increase system efficiency because multiple chillers, boilers, and cooling towers can be staged so that they operate near their maxi-mum efficiency and provide useful redundancy.
10. What does the following figure represents?
Lighting HVAC and Plumbing 4
Heat Pipe Devices
Run-Around Air Systems
Air-to-air sensible energy recovery system
None of the above