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Leadership Skills for Advancing Engineers

Quiz Questions

1.________________ is a term used to describe the manifestation of our potential as human beings beyond basic survival needs and is a good way to describe lifelong learning.
2. The following figure represents the Nine leadership attributes, what is the missing attribute?
PDH Course - Leadership Skills for Advancing Engineers 1
Decision maker
Technical skills
None of the above
3.Which of the following is not an example of self-awareness tools that are available online and can be used as part of the learning and assessment process?
Personality inventories
Critical thinking tests
Memory tests
Emotional intelligence quizzes
4.Leadership for engineers is more complicated than most other sectors because, in addition to the traditional skills needed to excel, an additional dimension if technological leadership and governance is required.
5.Leader development is, unfortunately, mainly __________ process.
6.Leadership scholar Bruce Avolio (2005) refers to this concept of each individual having a different path of development as their individual and unique "life stream." If the life stream is the path of an individual’s development, then the path is determined by a leadership equation. _____________ can be seen as the denominator in their leadership equation.?
Innate skills and attributes an individual bring to their life stream
What they learn in life
How they adapt to changes in their life stream
7.A leader must not have a person or group of individuals to whom they can turn in order to help them make sense of the experiences they have had and the feedback they have received.
8.Too often engineers remain in their ___________ and do not cultivate other elements of the "whole" leader.
Technical comfort zone
Challenging work
Creative work
9.Everyone wins when young engineers develop leadership skills early in their careers.
10.In the following figure, identify the missing area?
PDH Course - Leadership Skills for Advancing Engineers 2
None of the above