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Introduction to Test Equipment

Quiz Questions

1.GPETE is abbreviated as
General purpose electronic test equipment
General procedure electronic test equipment
2. SPETE is abbreviated as
Special purpose electronic test equipment
Standard purpose electronic test equipment/td>
3.Figure 1-4 represents__________.
Cathode ray tube
4.The Power factor of a capacitor is important because it is an indication of the various losses of a capacitor.
5.The Wheatstone bridge is widely used for precision measurements of resistance.
6.Figure2-1 represents ______________.
AC voltmeter
AC wattmeter
7.Frequency measurements can be divided into two broad categories: mechanical-rotation frequency and electrical-output frequency measurements.
8.___________________________frequency is measured using a device called a TACHOMETER.
Mechanical Rotation
Electrical Rotation
9.The Cathode ray oscilloscope and the Spectrum analyzer are not used to perform waveform analysis.
10.A typical back to forward resistance ratio for a diode is _____________.
1 to 10
2 to 5
5 to 2
10 to 1
11.The current coil of the wattmeter is connected in series with the circuit (load), and the voltage coil is connected across the line.
12.___________ is used to smooth out the vibration and to help prevent overshooting of the meter pointer.
Tuning fork
13.____________________ are caused by some conducting part of the circuit making contact either directly or indirectly with the metallic structure of the ship or chassis. In testing for these circuits, you may use either an ohmmeter or a megger.
Grounded circuits
Short circuits
14.Figure 4-2 represents________________.
Block diagram of a wattmeter circuit
Block diagram of an ohmmeter circuit
Block diagram of a voltmeter circuit
15.The ___________________is a precision piece of test equipment used to compare an unknown voltage with an internal reference voltage and to indicate the difference in their values.
Digital multimeter
Differential voltmeter
16.An instrument of great value to a technician in troubleshooting digital integrated logic circuits is the ___________________.
Logic probe
Frequency counter
17.There are basically two types of signal generators – AF and RF frequency generators.
18.The type of meter used to measure power is the _______________.
Power meter
19.Figure6-13 represents the ___________.
Block diagram of a probe
Block diagram of an oscilloscope
20.__________________________ plates are used to show amplitude of a signal.
Horizontal deflection
Vertical deflection