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Innovative Scanning Antenna Systems for Advanced Recognition of Rail Collision Obstacle Detection and Automobile Collision Avoidance

Quiz Questions

1.Spinning Grating antennas operating at 76.5 GHz were designed and manufactured for tests with radar systems in applications relevant to both the rail industry and the automotive industry.
2. The Principles of the Spinning Grating Antenna is illustrated in __________________.
Figure 1
Figure 2
3.An electromagnetic wave is propagated in a TEM mode down a dielectric waveguide. The evanescent field that extends outside the waveguide is perturbed by the presence of a metal grating. This perturbation results in energy being radiated out of the waveguide into free space.
4. The obstacle detection radar concept for application to railroad grade crossings is illustrated in ___________________.
Figure 3
Figure 4
5. ______________ denotes the Spinning Grating Antenna Parameters.
Table 1
Table 2
6.The experimental set-up for determining various antenna parameters is illustrated in ____________________.
Figure 8
Figure 9
7. The design of the grating determines the direction of the beam as it is scanned. Software was developed at WaveBand that generates the desired grating pattern on a PC platform using C+ code. The software allows us to vary all grating parameters, thus enabling effective control of antenna performance (gain, beamwidth, and sidelobes).
8.The elevation antenna beam pattern is illustrated in _________________________.
Figure 15
Figure 16
9.Typical _________________________ are radiometric receivers. These devices are very wideband receivers that are able to detect energy that is naturally emitted or reflected from all bodies above zero degrees Kelvin (blackbody radiation).
MMW active sensors
MMW passive sensors
10.The Spinning Grating antenna developed as a result of this course will provide the ability to apply radar sensor systems to the automotive and railroad industries. The high performance coupled with low cost make the antenna an ideal solution to the collision warning / obstacle detection sensor system.