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Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings

Credit: 20 PDH
Course Fee: $240.00
135 pages

Course Summary:

The simple curve is an arc of a circle. It is the most commonly used. The radius of the circle determines the “sharpness” or “flatness” of the curve. The larger the radius, the “flatter” the curve.This course provides guidelines to the treatment of historic buildings. It shows how to identify, retain, and preserve the architectural materials. After identification, if outlines the protection and maintenance of the buildings, as well as repair and replacement.

Learning Objective:

By the end of this course, the participant should understand the guidelines which help property owners, developers, and Federal managers apply the Secretary of the Interior’s “Standards for Rehabilitation” during the project planning stage by providing general design and technical recommendations.

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Course Content

Course Author: US Department of the Interior

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