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HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

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Course Summary:

This PDH or CE course is a brief course on HVAC Variable refrigerant flow systems. Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, which were introduced in Japan more than 20 years ago, have become popular in many countries, yet they are relatively unknown in the United States. The technology has gradually expanded its market presence, reaching European markets in 1987, and steadily gaining market share throughout the world. In Japan, VRF systems are used in approximately 50% of medium-sized commercial buildings (up to 70,000 ft2 [6500 m2]) and one-third of large commercial buildings (more than 70,000 ft2 [6500 m2]).
HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Learning Objective:

Although vigorous marketing of VRF systems in the U.S. began only two to three years ago, several thousand systems likely will be sold in the U.S. this year, amounting to tens of thousands of tons of capacity. Of course, the market is still very small compared to the chiller market, but VRF systems are marketed in the U.S. by at least five manufacturers.

By the end of this course the participant should be able to understand what variable refrigerant flow systems and it is benefits, Costs, Market acceptance Issues etc.

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