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HVAC - Chillers, Refrigerant, Compressors and Heating Systems

Credit: 8 PDH
Course Fee: $120.00
72 pages

Course Summary:

This course focuses on the equipment and equipment components used to generate heating and cooling. It does not include fans and pumps. This distinction is clear for most equipment types, such as unit heaters, boilers, and chillers. However, for packaged air-conditioning (AC) equipment the distinction can be subtle. Most packaged AC equipment is treated as a unit by performance rating procedures. Hence, separation of the fans is difficult. For this study, only the refrigerant compressors of packaged equipment are considered.

Learning Objective:

The objectives of this course are:

  • To provide an accurate estimate of the energy used by primary cooling and heating equipment in the US commercial building sector.
  • To provide a physical understanding of the factors, which contribute to energy use by the equipment.
  • To provide a baseline estimate of current national energy use, which can be used for calculation of the national energy savings impact of various options for reducing energy usage. The estimate is based on calendar year 1995.

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Course Content

Course Author: US Department of Energy

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