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HVAC Assessment

Quiz Questions

1.Routine preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding premature wear and tear on components that can lead to repair or premature replacement.
2. Anemometers are used to measure which of the following?
Air quantity
Air velocity
Size of the building
3. IAQ stands for Instant air quality.
4. ASHRAE Standard 55 recommends temperature range guidelines perceived as "comfortable" to be ________ during the summer and ________ during winter.
60 to 90 F and 60 to 70 F
60 to 90 F and 50 to 70 F
50 to 70 F and 55 to 78 F
74 to 82 F and 68 to 78 F
5. Which of the following is not an airborne contaminant?
6. If the building is maintained at a negative pressure in relation to the outdoors, then the negative pressure can pull in outdoor contaminants through gaps or cracks in the building structure.
7.Which of the following is not a component of System pressure?
Static Pressure
Velocity Pressure
Output Pressure
Total Pressure
8. What is the full form of HEPA filter?
High Effective Particulate Arresting
High Efficiency Particulate Arresting
High Efficiency Performance Arresting
High Economic Particulate Arresting
9. Overlooking or minimizing the significance that air filters are properly installed and functioning will ____________ the life of system components, ____________ maintenance costs and disperse contaminants throughout the building.
Decrease, Increase
Decrease, Decrease
Increase, Increase
Doesn’t affect at all
10. What is the name of the following HVAC symbol?
HVAC Assessment
Turning vanes
Flexible connection